Saturday, February 14, 2009

Slightly different talents, different rotation

I bit the bullet and took one point in Careful Aim and took Aimed Shot. WWS... it seems better. I'm Callisto -- presuming it doesn't change the name around. However, different buffs, nobody else replenishing, etc. I wasn't really trying to max dps, I was mostly trying to get a feel for the cooldowns and whether to pause for specials or slam each as its up. I'm thinking I may slam if I'm not trap-dancing. My LnL doesn't proc anywhere near as much as I'd like. So waiting a little bit to clear it out isn't the worst.

Razuvious is a good one.. I was at 31 yards the whole fight and must have had my friendly Draenei in my group for the +hit. The Four Horsemen isn't a great one to look at. I was in the back tanking with my pet (wearing PvP gear). We started quite late and had several prolonged DCs, so we didn't really go anywhere.

Boy I sure could use a new helm.

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