Friday, February 20, 2009

OS-10 +1, OS-25 +1

So on Wednesday we got a squad together and tried OS-10 +2D. None of us had done even one drake, so after a bunch of wipes and different tries we settled on "one drake". I don't remember if we got him on the first try, but it came together pretty quickly. We had a warrior tank both the drake and the boss, and a DK tank got all the adds. (We killed the Tenebron drake, and then the boss.)

So on Thursday with less than an hour to go in our normal raid time, we finished a wing and headed to OS-25. We went straight for "one drake up"and in a few wipes got him. I'm very proud of our guild. 17 people hadn't done any "drakes up" before.

Positioning of the boss was different in 10 and 25 man. It seemed more difficult in 25man. We tanked him in the center, but it worked out. However, we didn't get Tenebron down fast enough to try "two drakes up". And I think positioning and targeting was a big part of that.

Ah, but good times.

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