Monday, February 9, 2009

Minimum DPS

What should the minimum DPS be for a DPS slot in Naxx? Yes, clearly some people can do 3k dps but still be below people doing 2.5k on the damage meter. So.. "DPS" is a rating with some caveats. I'm thinking 2k dps on a boss in a 25man is about as low as you'd want to go.

What caveats are there? There are probably quite a few. De-cursing is huge and creates a huge dps hit for those doing it. Is Replenishment worth mentioning? It's incidental, but worth a few talents for hunters. I'm not sure if it creates a dps rotation loss for pallies or spriests. The occassional heal by a non-heal-spec'd dps... just having a lay-on-hands at your fingertips takes up a mental clock cycle. Popping out for a brez? Pet un-friendly fights are a big hit. Fights that move a lot are a hit for DKs.

So essentially there are three categories of dps caveats. 1) Doing something else that if not done causes the boss not to die (e.g.- de-cursing), 2) Specs or rotations that are somewhat raid utility but don't crimp your personal dps too much. Think replenishment. Don't think person who is still in a full PvP spec. 3) Certain bosses where one class/spec does poorly.

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