Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The downs and downs

I was going to title this "The ups and downs", but from my standpoint, this is about nerfs and nerfs. Everyone and their mother were BM. BM gets a heavy nerf. SV gets a buff compared to its previous sorry state. The tiny SV population gets invaded by the fleeing huge BM population. People re-itemize for haste. (I did.) Some people re-gem and re-enchant. (I didn't too much.) Now -- and I mean now -- SV takes a hit:
We made a hotfix recently to lower the coefficient of Explosive Shot. Sorry we didn't get a chance to announce the change ahead of time. We don't typically do patch notes for hotfixes so we don't have a system in place to always broadcast these before they happen.

We are in the process of making some changes to get damage done more in parity (in PvP and PvE). If there are other classes far ahead of you on the damage meters, chances are good they will see some nerfs to their damage soon too.

Overall, we are trying to make changes in a more timely manner so that players won't feel like they are stuck with a bug or other issue forever. We won't be able to get every issue fixed overnight, but it's a start.
Early theorycraft is that this will be a sizable nerf to Explosive Shot. Overall maybe only a 4% dps loss. Of course anyone really working on improving their gameplay will feel like they were just Mind Controlled off a cliff. No wait.. that's often funny. Mmm.

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