Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Have you fallen into the achievement complete-ness phase? I felt like finishing off the Northrend heroics on Sunday. For whatever reason I hadn't run HoL in heroic. The other hold-out was Heroic: Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom. That made sense, because I had "finished" it a bunch of times but skipped the two optional bosses. It also makes sense because you "only" have 60minutes to complete the quest at the final boss.

Anyway, both are now done and I feel better. Most of it was just wanting to see all the content. But that's a little incorrect since I saw all but the toadstool boss in Old Kingdom. Now I look at my dungeon achievements and see all the Burning Crusade heroics that I ran endlessly. Most of them are listed as incomplete -- according to the achievement system. The same with old world content. The same with raids. I have 145+ days "/played" on this character. Much of that time was in 5man or raid instances.

I ran MC last week just for kicks. It was fun to completely plow. But doing all those instances again for the achievements probably wouldn't be "just for kicks". It would be for completeness of a silly game construct. It would be pretty cool to see honest achievements like Solo'ng particular instances. That would be a nice add. However, because it's so time-consuming I'm sure they'll add it immediately after a large number of people solo harder stuff. Thus requiring those solo hot-shots to re-do their work. :-)

BTW, there's an interesting thread about solo'ng instances over here.

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