Friday, February 6, 2009

Glass Half-Empty

There's plenty of room for disappointment. Talents, spell coefficients, etc. Just wait. Blizzard doesn't let us really try things on the PTR. They told us our PTR testing of 3.0.8 wasn't real. They make hotfix nerfs. I'm fairly convinced that Blizzard's only reliable testing and analysis comes from live production stats. i.e.- "The Big Lab".

In the meanwhile, I hear a lot of hunters have decided to become untalented, dropping to a 0/0/0 spec in a sign of protest following the hotfix nerf.

I can understand the feeling. The amount of change and feeling of persecution after working gathering and preparing and just getting slammed on the head instead of a feeling of some level of progress. It is very tempting -- and mature -- to put your hunters on hiatus until the dust settles.

I seem to still be able to significantly contribute to raids so I'm still probably a straw away from breaking my back.

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