Monday, December 8, 2014

Confusing Blue Messaging

General Information
  • Some class balance changes will go live sometime tomorrow, with number changes around 5% where needed.
  • There are only a few specs like Marksmanship Hunters and Windwalker Monks that are pulling a little too far ahead than the others.
  • When a spec is top on both movement and stationary fights, they usually need to take a look at the spec.
  • Everyone should be fairly equal in single target, although may still have niches (stationary vs movement). Once you get beyond single target, some might be good at cleave (2-3), some mass AoE, some burst AoE, etc.

These points seem to imply that the author thinks that the Marksmanship Hunter is a movement spec. Or that Blizzard developers consider all hunters a high-movement spec. Or perhaps that MM just is doing well on "high movement" fights.  I'm still trying to get my head around this. I have seen the first six fights in Highmaul.  I only switched to BM for the twins because the fire required a bit too much movement.  (I could probably do it with MM after seeing it now.)  That said, it doesn't seem like MM should be nerfed across the board.  I would think we should get a general nerf and then a buff to sniper training.  Or else I'm not sure what they're trying to do with MM.  Maybe they have simply forgotten as an organization. Is this confusion with me, the messaging, or the future design? I can't tell.

Class balance is good if all DPS classes and specs could be within 5% on average, that sounds great. The last bullet point they give could be fine or could be bad.  IMHO different specs should excel at different types of fights.  Nobody should be left behind.  But that comment could be a call for extreme homogenization which would be bad. Again, it is unclear messaging.

  • Level 100 talents in general are have some serious balance issues compared against each other.
  • They do think the level 100 talents that are underperforming but fun should get a buff in 6.1 or 6.2.
  • For talents that people do not think are fun, they may just leave them alone for now and completely replace them next expansion.

Hooray! Could exotic munitions and focusing shot get a buff please?  They're both quite interesting and intriguing options but lack the impact of Lone Wolf or Adaptation. Perhaps they'll just nerf Lone Wolf and buff SV a lot and BM a bit in other ways.  Blizzard's messaging here is intentionally not clear and that's fine for now.

  • If Hunter stacking becomes an issue in Mythic raids, they can nerf Aspect of the Fox or even remove it. It was added mainly because it was felt that Marksmanship Hunters didn't bring enough raid utility.

This sounds like a threat of some sort.  e.g.- "Don't do it or we'll nerf you."  If this is seriously the official messaging not just to the Mythic raiding community, but to the Hunter community, then things seem to have gone downhill.

Was this use not predictable? Every reasonable raiding hunter I know thought about how we could chain them together. Is this really news of some sort that it could be extremely useful if used in that niche way?

Did Hunters ask for this specific design?  I don't recall a single blog post asking for this kind of raid cooldown. But we had asked for dozens of other types of raid cooldowns ... none of which would be chain-able like this.

The other improper thing here is the messaging that Marksmanship Hunters needed the raid utility.  Is this some implicit hat tip to MM being the raider spec?  Even in the context of the first section declaring spec parity within 5% as a goal?  Maybe this is blue post didn't get any editing. Maybe it was written by while half awake.

Is my confusion warranted? Can anyone help me out?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to use the NeedToKnow Addon to maintain the Sniper Training

An intro to my addon setup in the vacuum left by JSHB.  This video focuses on using NeedToKnow in order to more easily maintain uptime on the Marksman sniper training buff.  You will see some of the ways I've substituted-out JSHB however.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bandaging the JSHB Addon

JSHB was not working at all for me following the launch of 6.0.2..  I use it on my hunter and rogue. It did not show up. I could not get /jshb to do anything. Others reported that they had it working but it killed their frame rate, or that it was only partially working.

JSHB is not maintained and hasn't been for a year.  The developer or series of previous developers are no longer playing.

Here's how to fix it.

  1. Backup your Interface folder so you don't get crazed if this doesn't work. ;-)
  2. Stop wow.
  3. Download the latest Release edition of Ace3.
  4. Unzip it.
  5. Open up your Interface/JSHB/lib
  6. Delete the libraries in there.
  7. Copy the new Ace3 libraries into Interface/JSHB/lib
  8. Edit the Interface/JSHB/JSHB.toc file and set "## Interface:" to 60200.
  9. Start wow and make sure the addon is enabled.
  10. Enjoy your borrowed time.
I'm looking to get a permanent replacement to JSHB.  NeedToKnow, which was updated for 6.0.2 has an experimental option to show focus. It's not where it needs to be for real use yet though.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Problem with Numbers

The sky is falling!  I really don't want to be this person.  The issue is that we, as hunters, have been on the low side in expansions before.  Blizzard eventually fixed us with various buffs here and there but those always happened after months of progressive raiding occurred.

The sky is falling!  Our numbers are low.  They're like really low.  Like holy priests can out-dps hunters.  All three specs are terrible.  We're half the damage done in simulators of warriors and mages and far far behind everyone else.

The sky is falling!  There are tons of caveats with the sims.  The most commonly circulated ones are "Patchwerk" style.  Hunters are supposed to be the dps-on-the-move class.  So, in a "Helter-Skelter" simcraft set-up, we should be much better.  Well, no.  We should be as close to the same as possible and everyone else should be worse.  50% worse?  That's hard to believe, right?

The sky is falling!  Are the sims right?  Nope!  Many sims are looking at level 90 and frankly, Blizzard doesn't care about balancing anything at level 90 anymore.  Are the sims doing the right conservation of focus for the shots, or prioritizing correctly?  I somewhat doubt it.  The simcrafters are trying to model dozens of specializations.  Even if just looking at hunters, you need to pick some heuristics and tweak focus regen and stat weights (gems, enchants, etc) around it.

The sky is falling!  But Survival just got a buff and others got buffs and nerfs.  That's great, but it isn't great in that it was enough of a buff/nerf.  It's great that Blizzard is tweaking as well.

The sky is falling! Here's the thing the simulators have an easier time and a harder time.  It's easier because there are less stat weighting to consider.  It's easier because there are less abilities to prioritize.  It's harder because there hasn't been enough thought and experimentation by creative people into what should be done.  All that said, on the surface and at first cut, hunters are in the dps basement.

The sky is falling!  For now, just enjoy your time.  Try the new UBRS.  Get your stuff in order. Prepare to level.  Try out MM, BM, and SV.  Try and get some muscle memory going with rotations. Get your addons so you can more easily visualize what you need to watch.  Try raiding if you raid. If Blizzard is watching they'll see the numbers and continue to tweak.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Get Your Ghost Boar

I have a large collection of Ghostly pets.  The Ghost Boar with Armor Barding will most likely going away with WoD.  He's a tame that maybe you shouldn't be able to tame.  Blizzard has patched tames like this in the past.  For instance, you can no longer tame the Boar on Fire with Armor Barding.  The Slime or Three-headed Ghost Hydra.  The summoned Spore. The Ghost Wolf.  The list goes on.  You'll want to grab this and it's fairly simple.

First head to the bottom of the Southern Barrens.  Because of the disruption to the world, you'll want to then head west.  Pass over Razorfen Downs.  You want to go farther west to Razorfen Kraul.  It is to the west of the road.

Side Note: Traveling to that part of the world is easy for horde with two main cities to choose from.  Alliance engineers can use their portal tool to get to Gadgetzan.  Or they can ask a mage to port them to the obliterated city of Theramore.  Otherwise a boat trip to Dustwallow Marsh or Ratchet will have to do.

Once you're in the instance, you should remove your weapon, legendary cloak (if you have one), and any AoE proc trinkets.  You can punch the mobs to death, or just run through them and FD.
You'll make your way, bending right, and then walking up a little crevase (passing the boss you want to get to on your left).  Make a hard left and you'll see him in a little hut.  I punched out everyone on my way there.  Don't get punch-crazy and nuke the boss too.  
Get your tame button ready.  Then walk over to the boss to engage him.  Don't hit him.  Stand around and wait for him to cast a summoning spell for your new pet.  Once it's arrived, tame it.  It may die afterwards.  That's okay.  Just rez him and he'll still be ghostly.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Aspect of the Fox

Aspect of the Fox:

  • Aspect of the Fox is a new ability for all Hunters.
    • Aspect of the Fox: Party and raid members within 40 yards take on the aspects of a fox, allowing them to move while casting all spells for 6 seconds. Only one Aspect can be active at a time. 3 minute cooldown.

This certainly wasn't on my list of aspect ideas that accomplish getting hunters a raid cooldown.

When I'm on my restoration shaman, I find very little use for Spiritwalker's Grace.  It's a 2min cooldown and lasts 15 seconds and lets me toss a bunch of greaters while moving.  I really should use it more.  There are plenty of places where I should be moving and healing.  But the shaman isn't my main and the training I've instilled is to NOT move while hitting some buttons which is a little difficult to overcome.

Six seconds seems really short for this kind of buff.  Not only do you have to tell everyone when you're going to start it so they don't screw up their spells, you also have to tell people when it's over so they stop moving while casting.  (Or everyone gets a visualization for this buff counting down.)  If it has a visualization for folks that indicates it wearing off then that can help.  But again six seconds is really brief for this.

The 3min cooldown makes sense.  The buff is just really difficult compared with something that is defensive or increases mana or increases haste or heals.  Those are going to be consumed as long as the person popping the cooldown does it at the right time.  This requires the cooldown to be popped at the right time by someone who doesn't normally know about those issues and it needs to be consumed by someone who doesn't have control of when it falls in their casting rotation.

If it has more applicability and useful-ness to the class using it then it will be more widely used and better used.  MM may have uses.  Tame beast may have uses.  Our new version of Sniper Training has issues on its own, but if it had synergy with it, that might be interesting.

Overall I'm very happy to see a hunter cooldown.  I'm a little confused by it.  But not lean-pack-confused.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Lightly Technical Post on Gaining Access to Lost AWS EC2 Cloud Compute Machines

Data Loss Background 

Last Sunday a friend of mine contacted me and let me know I had to move all my crap off his ancient machine he had been hosting for me.  It was a machine I had given him in the 90's... a Sun Ultra 10.  Ancient.  Unfortunately I had several websites on it and content for this site hosted on it.

I quickly made an account with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and spun up a "free" machine, got the ssh keys, and then tar-gz'd everything and copied it all down to the new EC2 instance.  Some nearly 2GB of data.  Much of which were old family photos.  All was well. I also pulled down a copy to my local desktop.  He then nuked the machine.  All was well, and I had a decent amount of work ahead to recreate some web servers to host this.

Then within four hours my desktop failed.  Hard.  Turned out to be the motherboard.  I had backed up almost all the data in two places but with one stroke I had lost everything.  I could no longer access my AWS instance because the ssh keys to enter it were on the desktop.

I will most likely buy a replacement desktop and then slot those drives and have the data, but that isn't happening this month.

Necessity being the mother of invention I figured out how to recover access to the cloud instance. It being a couple decades since I did any heavy unix sysadmin work, and not being an AWS expert, it took me a few hours to piece together.  Luckily this was pretty light stuff.  Here's how.

Gaining Access to Your EBS EC2 Instance Without the SSH Keys

1. Make a new EC2 host in the same AWS account.  Ensure it is in the same availability zone as the host with the lost keys. (When spinning up, set it in the config step under subnet.)  Make sure you use keys that you have available. ;-)

2. Stop the original EC2 host with lost keys.  Wait 'til it's stopped.  And do not accidentally TERMINATE it.

3. Go to volumes.  Note the attachment information of the new and lost-keys hosts.  Copy-paste it.

4. Detatch the EBS from the host with the lost keys.  Wait until its state changes to "available".

5. ssh in to the replacement host.sudo -u root mkdir /mnt/lost-key-volume
6. Attach the volume to the replacement host by selecting it and attaching (right click or menu pull down) to the new host id.

7. When it's attached the console will show attachment information.  Note where it is attached. e.g.-/dev/sdf

7a. Note: Newer Linux kernels may rename your devices to /dev/xvdf through /dev/xvdp internally, even when the device name entered here (and shown in the details) is /dev/sdf through /dev/sdp.

7b. If you're using ubuntu, the kernel wont necessarily attach the block device as /dev/sdf.  Type 'lsblk' to see what's up and 'df' or 'mount' to see what is already mounted.  You can also 'ls -lt /dev/' for the recent blocks mounted.  Use what lsblk gives you.  

ubuntu@ip-172-31-45-8:/dev$ lsblk
xvda    202:0    0   8G  0 disk
+-xvda1 202:1    0   8G  0 part /
xvdf    202:80   0   8G  0 disk
+-xvdf1 202:81   0   8G  0 part

7c. So in my case /dev/sdf means I want to mount /dev/xvdf1
sudo -u root mount /dev/xvdf1 /mnt/lost-key-volume

8. Now go in there and add the known pub ssh key to the authorized_keys file.  Don't change the perms of anything in the .ssh directory.  If you're feeling adventurous, you can do something like cd'ng into the mounted FS, nav to the ubuntu/.ssh and run:'cat ~/.ssh/authorized_keys >> authorized_keys'

9. Verify the
authorized_keys looks good, or you'll have to repeat a lot of work!

Unmount it cleanly 'sudo -u root umount -d /dev/xvdf1'

11. Detatch it using the console.

12. Attach it to the original host and the original device block. In my case, my original device was /dev/sda1 If you don't have right dev point your instance will not boot.  

13. Once it's attached, boot your original host. Note: for whatever reason (maybe just because I was typing out steps and this was #13) my original host didn't start the first time around. I decided to stop the temporary host I used to mount the EBS. Then I was able to start it up.  There might be something fishy in the EBS Volumes manager.

14. ssh in using the keys you have and put in to the authorized_keys file and enjoy access to your old host!

That shows how reasonably easy it is to move EBS around from host to host.  It also shows that you should have two factor authentication (2FA) on your AWS Web Console login because ssh only gets you so far.

I'll get the title fixed when I get around to setting up a webserver.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Still Here!

I lost a server.  Then I lost the motherboard I had the backups on just 12hrs later.  I still have the drives, but no computer to drop them into.  Sweet times.  My title doesn't work anymore.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Revising the Blogroll


Eyes of the Beast
LOL Survival
Thrill of the Wild


Big Red Rhino
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Piercing Shots
Rapid Fire
WoW Hunters Hall

Need to Add Somehow

Solar Flair

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Upgrading Your Hunter Gear -- on day one of 5.4.8

When 5.4.8 lands we'll have a landslide of gear upgrades to make:
Gear changes are coming! First, in Patch 5.4.8 (which is currently in testing on the PTR), all upgradable epic items introduced to the game in Patch 5.4 will be given the option to upgrade 2 more times for a grand total of 16 item levels. This change will be applied to all items found on the Timeless Isle and in Siege of Orgrimmar. For instance, if you have an item level 553 Greatsword of Pride’s Fall and its Upgrade Level is 2/2 making it item level 561, once the new patch goes live it will display 2/4 and allow you the opportunity to bump it up to item level 569. Whether you’re working on a newly boosted character or progressing through Siege of Orgrimmar, we hope this change will provide you with the extra punch you need to take down your foes.
I've been generally just sitting at the cap.  If I feel like I will easily make up a bunch of valor, I'll blow some on upgrading pet-tanking gear.  But now all hunters will have 15 items to upgrade.  (Legendary cloaks were added in 5.4.)  If you're already maxed-out on 2/2 upgrades, it will take 7500 valor to get all those items from 2/4 to 4/4.

It's been a while since I've dealt with valor. You cannot earn more than 1000 valor in a week and can only amass 3000.  If you spend 3000 on day one and then valor cap your 1000 quickly there-after then you can get eight items upgraded.  Then week two you can get two more. Week three, two more.  Etc.

Since it will take at least four weeks to upgrade everything, you want to prioritize your upgrades.  My order of operations is:
  1. Upgrade items I will not replace first
  2. Upgrade items I am not likely to replace
  3. Upgrade items with the biggest impact first
If you have tons to upgrade and just want the most immediate impact to be felt ... immediately, then you should upgrade your ranged weapon.  If it's replaced then you upgrade its replacement.  But if you want to be optimal and have a lot to upgrade, go with this priority order.

Evaluating this simple priority order is not simple.

My group of items in the above category 1 is a short list; I have a legendary cloak and pair of heroic-warforged boots. That will cost 1000 valor.

I have eleven other heroic items.  It is not particularly likely that I will get heroic-warforged versions of any of these, but it is possible.  Our raid is normally clearing the first 8 bosses in heroic in less than three hours.  We can clear the next two on heroic but can't seem to carry anyone for them and getting a full ten raiders isn't easy.  We are not currently doing Thok, Siegecrafter, Paragons, or Garrosh on heroic. Thok is a week or two of heavy progression attempts possibly with some locks extended. I have two normal set pieces that could be replaced by drops from heroic Thok and heroic Paragons. Siegecrafter and Garrosh are unlikely for a long while.

Getting a drop off heroic Thok is slightly less likely than getting a heroic-warforged piece.  However it's a specific drop as opposed to one that may happen to any of the other heroic non-set pieces.  All this makes me think that the helm, dropping off Thok, is more likely to be replaced than any other piece that I have.  For that reason, I should not upgrade it at this time.

Another consideration is that there are multiple rings and trinkets that are be usable by us. There are ways to juggle things around to accommodate upgrading one and getting another as a drop.  This is a pretty deep corner-case though. 

It is possible that I may get a random heroic-warforged gloves or chest drop which could cause me to shuffle my other tier choices around to retain the four-piece bonus. But generally, the other pieces that I will not replace are my heroic tier pieces: my chest and gloves. Tier pieces do not come in warforged variety. Those two pieces will cost another 1000.

To complete my first week of purchases I'll upgrade two more items.  I continue to coin bosses that drop ranged weapons and the magic trinket.  That said, it only makes it slightly more likely that I'll get a replacement weapon.  To that end, we use the third criteria: Upgrade items with the biggest impact first. The number one biggest impact is the ranged weapon.  I have 500 valor left for the first week.

Not all gear pieces are valued the same.  Yes item levels are there, but a chest piece is more important and has more stats than a ring.  For most pieces, you can see the weighted differences by looking the stats in a piece.  Agility + (secondary stats * 2) is your exact measure for non-trinkets.  And as a rule of thumb, you can just look at stamina.  This would push me to upgrade my pants or helm.  But my helm is more likely to be replaced off Thok so the pants are the choice...

...but the Assurance of Consequences trinket is exceptionally nice.  An additional 8 item levels should reduce the cooldown of abilities by more than 3% more.  That will not correspond to a 3% damage boost, but it will be noticed compared to +160 agility and a bit more than +200 secondary stats that the pants would give me.

This means that upgrading the Assurance of Consequences trinket will be my final 500 valor expenditure of the week.

In Summary

Upgrade items I will not replace first

  • my legendary cloak and heroic warforged boots
  • my other heroic tier pieces (can't be warforged!)

Upgrade items I am less likely to replace

  • my list of heroic but not warforged gear (incl weapon and trinket)
  • my normal mode tier pieces that drop from heroic modes we haven't killed (with likelihood of killing each)

Upgrade items with the biggest impact first within the previous categories

  • my weapon
  • my force-multiplier trinket

Monday, May 5, 2014

Rare Pets

If you still need some rare pet tames, you should get to know someone on a low-population role-playing player-vs-player realm (A.K.A. LowPop RP PVP).

I had a friend from such a realm invite me to group.  I phased to his realm.  Then suddenly instead of more than a dozen level 90 hunters looking for Loque, there was just me.  Oh!  And he's right there because nobody has tamed him.  Port over and grab Ghostcrawler.  All done in less than 10mins.

My mind was completely blown.  I had been after those pets off and on most weeks of this year.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Heroic Spoils - Hunter PoV

I recorded last night's Heroic Spoils kill from SoO.  Then I tossed in a whole bunch of annotations that may help you.   Click, then make it full screen, and push it up to the glorious 1080p HD.  If you don't then I wasted time uploading. ;-)  Enjoy.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Updates from Kheldul

Hi Folks.  Long time no post!  I'm still playing.  Still knocking down bosses.  We're a hair away from Heroic Spoils.  Last week I finally switched from Blacksmithing/Mining to Blacksmithing/Engineering.  It took me a couple days to level up and get all the teleport gadgets, helicopters, love bomb, Jeeves, and Blingtron.  I do love the rocket belt and goblin glider.  The DPS boost doesn't suck either.

In personal news: I resigned from my job at the beginning of the year.  I got my holiday break and then a couple more weeks of relaxing.  Then my wife got a bit edgy, so I started to put together a business, get some consulting, and build some cool stuff.  Well a week into that, I updated my LinkedIn profile and flipped the bit that said, "Interested in new job opportunities".  About a week later I started to get flooded with offers.  About one every day or two was a good one from a hiring manager for an attractive job.  So my self-employment fell by the way-side.  I joined a start-up.  And I'm working 60+ hour weeks.  Really I don't know how many hours I'm working. I don't usually notice it.  Except on weekends and when I do 14 hour days back to back and try and raid the second day.  At least I have a reasonable excuse if I die poorly!  But it is a decent sized change from what was normally pretty close to a 40 hour work week.  60-75 doesn't sound like a lot until you do it for weeks and weeks.

Hope everyone is having fun.  WoD isn't that far off in the scheme of things.  Maybe by then things will slow down a tad so that I have time to level a character or two.

Oh, and speaking of which, on Kheldul I've killed Garrosh 8 times in Flex and 8 times in Normal.  (We sometimes skip him because we're trying for more Heroic modes.)  I have had one and only one heirloom drop (the flex BoA bow).  Is this fair?  Our raids have most people at about 4 BoAs for 16 kills.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kheldul's Hunter DPS: Heroic Malkorak Hunter POV - Raw Recording

I plan to get some decent editing software and annotate these.  For now, here's the raw uncut kill video from last night.

The fight is very unforgiving and allows for maybe three mistakes from the entire raid for the entire fight.  Less if you don't have good gear.  And often less as many mistakes are cascading or completely catastrophic. This was our "last attempt" as we started it when we normally stop raiding.   About two hours earlier, we had gotten him down to 5%.  This kill was somewhere between our 50th and 60th attempt.  The attempts are fast though as the fight length has a berserk timer of six minutes.

We swapped our Disc priest to Shadow and two-healed.

Click here to get the full screen HD version.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The HPP Live Show In-Game Event (Pics too)

I leveled my Kheldul <WHU> hunter from level 12 to 20 and got riding just before the show, but it turned out to be easy to get my main cross-realmed into the party.  Things started out pretty neat and orderly, but then dissolved into a drunken chaos.  This was fairly easy given the drinking party podcast rules (i.e.- IRL consumption) and in-game blur-to-the-max placements of pony kegs of several shapes and sizes (including the pet).  I didn't get enough of the wild party shots, but it was fun.  After about three hours of this (yes, really), we all hit the Gurubashi Arena and slaughtered each other.  Being cross-realmed, I had to stay with a half-dozen folks in the pit and it was great.  I did a dozen or so target a competitor and "death from above" plummet with a disengage right at the end to join the fray.  After an hour or so of that, we moved on to Booty Bay for more beverages.  The podcast was still in full swing but I had to bail to make some IRL dinner.  Below are a few pics of the first hour or so.

All lined up.

Over 130 in the live stream and at least 100 hunters at the party.

W H u

Similar transmog as above but a different person.

The last caption before things got a bit crazy.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

World of Macros

Generally, I try and keep all these posts about hunters and wow.  Sometimes I slip up and get personal posts in here now and again.  This one is just about being an efficient player and helping out the hunter community.  (Cause who else reads a hunter blog?)

Below are hunter-centric macros.  They are not only for hunters of course and could easily be extrapolated to other classes.  I didn't highlight my Survival specialization macros as I haven't used them in a few months. I use macros to ease my play.  I have grouped them into sections called "Combat DPS Macros", "Combat Utility Macros", and "Everyday Macros".  I've attached some videos so you can see a few of them in action.


At The Target Dummies (Click for larger)

At The Farm (Click link for larger)

Mounting Up (Click link for larger)

Combat DPS Macros

Kill Command BM DPS Macro
#showtooltip Kill Command
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/cast Bestial Wrath
/cast Rabid
/cast Kill Command
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

DoT'm Up Serpent Mouseover Macro
(Nicely keybound to middle mouse button!)
#showtooltip Serpent Sting
/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Serpent Sting

AoE Talents Macro 
(Macro name must be the same as listed in the /run command)
/use [combat] Glaive Toss
/use [combat] Powershot
/use [combat] Barrage
/run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("AoE Talents", G"Glaive Toss" or G"Powershot" or G"Barrage")

DPS CD Talents Macro
(Macro name must be the same as listed in the /run command)
/use [combat] A Murder Of Crows
/use [combat] Lynx Rush
/run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("DpsT", G"A Murder Of Crows" or G"Blink Strike" or G"Lynx Rush")

Overloaded BM AoE Multishot Macro
(I don't use this anymore as I tend to do many of these manually.)
#showtooltip Multi-Shot
/cast Multi-Shot
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/cast Rabid
/cast Bestial Wrath
/use Claw
/use Bite
/use Smack
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Example of Fast Targeting
/target Foul Slime
/cast Multi-Shot
(Or something like...)
or /targetexact Corrupted Fragment 

Target Weird PvE Sub-bosses
/target boss2
(You might also want to add in something like the following if you'll definitely target it.  Otherwise they'll just do this against your current target.)
/cast Hunter's Mark
/script SetRaidTarget("target",1)

Kill Shot Macro
/cast Kill Shot

Combat Utility Macros

Tank Pull Timer Macro
(Requires DBM addon)
/dbm pull 10

Cancel Immunity
/cancelaura Deterrence
/cancelaura hand of protection

Mouse-Over Punk Macro
#showtooltip Scatter Shot
/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Scatter Shot

Similar Mouse-Over Tranq Macro
#showtooltip Tranquilizing Shot
/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Tranquilizing Shot

Interrupt Then Stun Macro
(Have it on a nice keybind, and replace with just a cast if you don't have Intimidation.)
/castsequence reset=24/target Counter Shot, Intimidation

Set Raid Marker Macro
(Just an example)
/clearworldmarker 1
/worldmarker 1

Self Heal Macro
/cast [target=Kheldul][pet] Spirit Mend

Free Self
(Yeah.. could be mouseover with default of @player instead.)
/cast [target=Kheldul] Master's Call
/cast [target=Kheldul] Intervene
/cast [target=Kheldul] Roar of Sacrifice
/cast Bullheaded

The Previously Famous Hunter Healer Macro
(Lame now that dismiss pet is so slow!)
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/cast [@mouseover, pet][pet] Spirit Mend
/cast [pet] Dismiss Pet
/castsequence Call Pet 2, Call Pet 3, Call Pet 4, Call Pet 5, Call Pet 1
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Lazy Concuss Macro
/castsequence reset=5/combat/target Concussive Shot, Scatter Shot

Extra Action Button Macro
(Example of useful behavior involving the special action button.)
/target focus
/click ExtraActionButton1

Do It All Pet Macro
/cast [mod:ctrl]Revive Pet; [@pet,dead]Revive Pet; [nopet]Call Pet 1; [mod:shift, @pet] Spirit Mend; Mend Pet

A Proper Death Macro
#showtooltip Feign Death
/cast Feign Death

My Favored MD Macro
#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [nomodifier, target=focus, nodead, exists, help] Misdirection
/cast [modifier:shift, target=pet, nodead, exists] Misdirection
/cast Misdirection

Everyday Macros

Mount Macro
/cast [mod:shift, mod:alt] Spawn of Galakras
/cast [mod:shift, mod:ctrl] Mekgineer's Chopper
/cast [nomod] Grand Expedition Yak
/cast [mod:shift] Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
/cast [mod:alt] Sky Golem
/cast [mod:ctrl] Azure Water Strider

Farm Gardening Macro
#showtooltip Enigma Seed
/target Tilled Soil
/use Enigma Seed

Fetch Auto Loot Macro
/console autoLootDefault 1
/run if not _Y then UIParent:HookScript("OnUpdate",function() if _Y>0 and GetTime()>=_Y then _Y=0 SetCVar("AutoLootDefault",0) end end)end _Y=GetTime()+5
/cast [@target, exists, dead] Fetch
/cast fetch

Super Fast Auto Quest Dialoger
/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1)
/script CompleteQuest()
/script GetQuestReward()