Friday, February 6, 2009

Post Stealth Explosive Shot Nerf WWS

Too many variables. I have different gear than when I last hit on Patchwerk. I have different raid buffs. I had a different positioning strategy. So even looking at the individual Explosive Shot damage isn't possible.

WRT positioning, I decided to forgo my Heroic Presence friends and move to where I was within 30 yards of my Feral friend and other melee-based buffs, but greater than 30 yards away from Patchwerk. For me, this put me all alone almost in the slime by slime-frogger.

I didn't do too badly. I think the loss of 1% hit was more than mitigated by the large extra crit % buffs. I still need to remember I wont always have a Heroic Presence friend.

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