Monday, February 2, 2009


This is interesting.

Replenishment and State of Mana Regen (Source)

We consider Replenishment mandatory. What I mean by that is we assume that you have Replenishment available to your raid. It is technically possible to go without it, but you will need to overgear the instance or otherwise compensate for it in other ways.

That doesn't mean we will or will not nerf Replenishment. But we don't want it to feel optional (assuming you are in reasonably challenging content) and nerfing it too much might have that effect.

More on Replenishment (Source)

From our POV, we assume you have Replenishment just like we assume you have a tank. You can get by without it, but it will be challenging (assuming you're on content that actually challenges you). Bloodlust is below that. It's very nice to have, but not mandatory most of the time. If you are learning brand new content or hard modes then I would definitely recommend bringing a shaman.

Keep in mind that Bloodlust's benefit is currently overweighted because the fights are so short. On a 2 min Patchwerk fight, you can have Bloodlust up 33% of the time. If that was a 5 minute fight, it goes down to 13% of the time (and the cooldown prevents you from keeping it up more).

Ret pallies aren't in terribly short supply. There is usually one around. For a 10man, it may be a stretch though. SPriests aren't too common in my guild. Priests do a lot more holy as far as I've seen. So, hunters it seems need to have SV as a talent option depending on the raid makeup.

I am learning to like SV. Replenishment has always been an important reason for me to go into SV. I had considered doing it long before the BM axe fell. Two questions plague me though:

1) I'm not exactly sure how to separate out my replenishment contribution to the raid however. Does anyone know how to single it out in a WWS report? Is it mixed with spriest and ret pally contributions?

2) What is my replenishment uptime? I'm spec'd 3/5 in Hunting Party. And I'm definitely wondering if I can shave it down to 2/5. I'd like some directly observed evidence though. Either a Replenishment UI dongle that works, a WWS report, or a Recount.


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