Sunday, March 16, 2014

Updates from Kheldul

Hi Folks.  Long time no post!  I'm still playing.  Still knocking down bosses.  We're a hair away from Heroic Spoils.  Last week I finally switched from Blacksmithing/Mining to Blacksmithing/Engineering.  It took me a couple days to level up and get all the teleport gadgets, helicopters, love bomb, Jeeves, and Blingtron.  I do love the rocket belt and goblin glider.  The DPS boost doesn't suck either.

In personal news: I resigned from my job at the beginning of the year.  I got my holiday break and then a couple more weeks of relaxing.  Then my wife got a bit edgy, so I started to put together a business, get some consulting, and build some cool stuff.  Well a week into that, I updated my LinkedIn profile and flipped the bit that said, "Interested in new job opportunities".  About a week later I started to get flooded with offers.  About one every day or two was a good one from a hiring manager for an attractive job.  So my self-employment fell by the way-side.  I joined a start-up.  And I'm working 60+ hour weeks.  Really I don't know how many hours I'm working. I don't usually notice it.  Except on weekends and when I do 14 hour days back to back and try and raid the second day.  At least I have a reasonable excuse if I die poorly!  But it is a decent sized change from what was normally pretty close to a 40 hour work week.  60-75 doesn't sound like a lot until you do it for weeks and weeks.

Hope everyone is having fun.  WoD isn't that far off in the scheme of things.  Maybe by then things will slow down a tad so that I have time to level a character or two.

Oh, and speaking of which, on Kheldul I've killed Garrosh 8 times in Flex and 8 times in Normal.  (We sometimes skip him because we're trying for more Heroic modes.)  I have had one and only one heirloom drop (the flex BoA bow).  Is this fair?  Our raids have most people at about 4 BoAs for 16 kills.