Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heroic Spine Hunter Macro

There is an odd situation with targeting the Burning Tendons via a macro on Heroic Spine in DS.  /target Burning Tendons will not work under a variety of situations.  I have a bunch of hypotheses as to why.  But there is a simple solution which is rumored to always work: /target boss2.

Below is the macro I'm going to be using now:

/target boss2
/cast Hunter's Mark
/use Kiroptyric Sigil
/cast Call of the Wild

There are some very nice DPS tweaks for hunters already listed at the Wow Hunter's Hall.  At this point, I think that swapping our stat-stick is a bit agressive and unnecessary given the substantial nerfs to DS now.  I'll stay SV.  I will most likely do the pet dismiss rotation.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Looking at Heroic Spine

This week we got a good raid together two nights and got Heroic Warmaster down.  The random fire is a bit annoying but it wasn't anywhere as bad as I thought it might be.  I think it was a total of 50 some wipes.  That was a nice change from being defeated by the Summer Attendance Boss.

We poked heroic spine a few times with barely any prep.  I lamely pieced together a macro to save a second or two on damaging the tendon (below). I plan to stick some other pet abilities in there.
/target Burning Tendons
/cast Hunter's Mark
/use Kiroptyric Sigil
It seems that there isn't too much specific that ranged DPS needs to do.  Burn the tentacles quickly in order.  Nuke the bloods when we're gonna flip.  Drop the almag and free the grip right as it happens... but time it so the almag doesn't reveal the tendon too early.   Then burn the tendon with as much crap ton damage as possible.

Is there anything specific a hunter can or should do?

See here for a macro.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Red White and Blue Day


My Pet-Tanking Gear.  Somewhat modeled after a green turtle.

My New Pet-Tanking Gear.  Modeled after looking like a tank.