Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things ta do before raid time

All mandatory. No negotiation:
  1. Work.
  2. Kiss my wife.
  3. Login before the queue strikes.
  4. Read bedtime stories to the kids.
  5. Tuck the kids into bed.

Well, okay I have to negotiate #2. And #4 is slipping some nights because the boy is reading Pokemon books by himself.

So what about these?
  1. Respec tweaks.
  2. Spec pet differently?
  3. Massacre for my new weapon.
  4. Look at swapping gear to tweak my +hit.
  5. Think about +haste, but don't sacrifice dmg from ES.
  6. Nuke at least one addon, maybe two.
  7. Tune the LnL alert settings.
  8. Remember to grab the arrow maker and flasks that my alt mailed me.
I probably could spend at least 20 minutes on each of these. /sigh

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