Friday, January 23, 2009

Jumping In With Two Feet

So, I decided to give SV a try. Because I was solo at home, I had to get my kids in bed before raid time. This left me about 45mins with a target dummy to get a mod going and try some rotations, fix some macros, nuke BWrath as a glyph and do all my talents and pet talents. I didn't bother swapping gear around, re-enchanting, or re-gemming.

I didn't do tooooo bad. But it is the first time I wasn't on top. If I stayed BM I might not have been on top either, but in this way I did get some Replenishment on the table. I definitely didn't trap-dance as well as I'm sure I could. And my rotations weren't the smoothest. There also seemed to be a change in the boss hitboxes that made trapping a little more difficult. Maybe I'm imagining that.

And yeah, my UI is a mess. I was just trying to get that LnL proc and ES dot easily visible.

Oh, and here's my UI while in raid but not in combat:

Oh! And I should mention that in 4 years of playing, I've never had more than a tiny number of talent points in the survival tree.

Oh! Oh! I should also mention that I got a decent polearm tonight. I'm not equipping it yet because I haven't gotten it enchanted.

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