Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BM Talent Tweaking

Until realm stability comes into any sort of play, I guess I'll stay BM. But it's still good to make plans.

Old 56/15/0 vs New 53/18/0.
  • General change: character and pet health instead of pet armor.
  • One less Frenzy. Thanks to Cobra Strikes, I think I'm averaging a pet crit every 1.5 seconds, so if I could drop Frenzy to 50% that would still probably be fine for 100% uptime. 40% with a 2/5 allocation is just a little too low and really makes me buy something too minor in exchange. I should have done this a while ago.
  • No more Invigoration. If we don't have replenishment from a spriest or ret pally then I'm at a minus 8-10k mana per boss fight. If we do have them in the raid, then the points are really wasted. Also note that it is only on pet special attacks, not all attacks. If it was all attacks we'd be a solo mana factory. I also should have made this change a while ago.
  • Arcane Shot FTW.

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