Monday, January 26, 2009

3.0.8 Still Giving Survival a Chance

I seem to be getting used to Survival. I do miss the extra pet talent points. I am toying with changing the talent spec around a bit. ... There seem to be too many circumstances where trap-dancing does not work, which is a little frustrating I suppose. Sapphiron wasn't proc'ng from my fire trap. So I might shave some points here and there and get a trap-dance and sniper combo. Trying to double-dip on trapping and sniper-range would of course be a challenge. I am moving Disengage to my main bar instead of my FD macro. An almost instant 10 yards doesn't hurt.

Got Sapphiron down last night though. Seems easy enough if everyone moves well. Maybe replenishment helped more than my lost dps. Dunno. It was fun though!

KT seems like an even easier fight. We just lost some steam after two attempts. They were decent attempts... we got through the trash both times. But also, both times we had healers standing next to each other and both getting iced. That's just something to learn. They did great with all the melee we had though. We were a little heavy on melee, got a triple ice and everyone lived.

Oh, I also got some new pants in the pug of the week. Even with the resilience throw-away stats, they fit a little better than my previous pair that had no throw-away stats. Which fit a little better than my previous previous pair with that haste which is much more tasty to me as SV instead of BM. And no, of course I don't actually throw it away. I'm a pack rat for possibly useful stats later.

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