Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ready Check

Last night was the first night we had a raid that had 25. It was also the first night that I was late to the raid. My wife got home late with the kids and I didn't want to ignore them, so I was late. There was someone who had DC'd for 10mins so I took his place AFTER I had helped the kids find their way to a sleepy dreamland.

I managed to respec, remove an addon, and clean up my interface a little bit. Okay a lot. I have looked at a lot of interfaces and I think the biggest difference is honestly the dimensions of my screen. I have the classic size screen. Everyone else seems to have a widescreen with lots of extra room for the less important-to-be-in-your-face visuals.

So it was the first time we tried the Military Quarter. This is because it was the first time we had two priests. It was also the first time we didn't have people DC'ng left and right. And 25 people. Wow. What a concept. :) It was fun. There were enough people that hadn't done it in 10man that it was a little slow. It was also slow because we were introducing a lot of people to the NiKarma loot system we use. We also did OS-25, and Vault-25. I would have skipped those as they're very puggable, whereas Naxx is a little less-so. But it made sense. We had new people and we all did well. We got it done and had fun.

I got my polearm set with the high-end enchant, and I won a drop off the Four Horsemen. Some day I'll get a gun! :)

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