Friday, January 16, 2009

Kheldul the Hunter and Me

Kheldul has been making his way through Azeroth since November of 2004. I'm an East-coast player, playing on a West-coast server. Back then it didn't matter. All servers were housed in a server farm in CA. Doing the East on West thing meant that I could play a little later and have plenty of people on to do things with. It also meant that I could get on at times that weren't typically crowded if I wanted to.

Kheldul has never had a name change or a server change. He's been in a surprisingly small number of guilds. Somehow the guilds always are well-run, mature, and without too much drama.

I do have a few alts. I never max-leveled any until BC. When I did, I did it quickly and geared it up very quickly. I haven't done much of anything with them since Wrath. Kheldul deserves to get as geared and played as possible. He has a lot of iLevel200 epic gear in the bank. All the drops from Heroic 5mans that a hunter could want. (I'm planning on needing haste someday.) My equipped gear may be my PvP gear, may be the gear I'm planning on using once it's enchanted, or it may actually be my PvE gear. Don't obsess over armory. ;-)

I may start leveling another character to fill in the time between raids and be available for when we have a raid shortage, but Kheldul will always be ready and willing and the thing I think about.

I was talented in Marksman for a very long time, until BC. Since then I've been Beastmaster spec'd and thoroughly enjoy it. I got through half of the 1.0 raids (MC, BWL, ZA, AQ20, 3/4 of AQ40), much of 2.0 (but never killed Illidan and only 2/4 in MH and just trash in Sunwell), and now with 3.0, getting enough raiders and surviving MT DCs seems to be the biggest challenge. I've been looking at SV huntering quite a lot lately.

I'll most always be talking about PvE. However, I do enjoy PvP BGs quite a bit and it may slip in from time to time.

I'm closely watching all the PTR reports and GhostCrawler statements about the incoming hunter changes in 3.0.8. I remember the great pre-BC hunter nerf very well.

I'm a numbers guy. I'm an engineer IRL. I like macros and addons. I like being the best and don't like "being-that-guy".

I don't play every night. I've never been in a guild or alliance that raided more than three nights a week. I usually don't play on weekends.

I'm (/gulp) middle-aged, a husband with a great wife, and a father to some mind-blowingly great kids.

I hope you enjoy reading stuff here and find it useful.

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