Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3.0.8 Decisions

Some days I really wish we didn't raid on Tuesdays. I'd really like some time in front of a target dummy. Somehow, I have to think they'll all be in use. (Debuffs and such will screw up people's calculations.)

I'm eager to try MM, though it seems like MM only got the SS nerf and zero buff. So, I'm not sure jumping BM to MM makes sense.

SV by comparison got the SS nerf, but a large ES buff. SV isn't something to just run out and jump into a raid with. I'd need a big flashing addon telling me about LnL procing. I need a better understanding of the trap CD vs the LnL hidden CD. And trap-dancing... recently I've tried a few raids dropping a fire trap at a boss's feet. I was a little surprised I could even do it.

Maybe if there's no other replenishment available, I can take it and low-ball the WWS for a little while, but at least be the mana battery guy.


Ah, and I forgot. I have two or three pieces of gear for each slot for this moment. I may even be putting on four tier pieces now for the haste. Oh, this will be a while to work out. Gah. Perhaps the real answer is to just stay BM for one raid. I wouldn't have to worry about re-glyphing tonight either.

I'm currently considering:

  • 2/18/51 - Survival Trap-Dancer spec, optimized for me and my gear
  • 11/53/7 - Arcane Marksman spec
  • 11/53/7 - AimedShot Marksman spec
  • 2/51/18 - [Crazy] Trap-Dancing Arcane Marksman(tm) spec
  • 15/51/5 - The Well-Adjusted Marksman spec
The SV spec is custom to me and my gear. I think I can crit a certain amount of the time, etc. Three of the four marksman specs are pretty straight-forward. The "Trap-Dancing Arcane Marksman" deserves a little explanation. For the high price of ten otherwise not too terribly useful talents, and the cost of one Immolation Trap every 30 seconds I'll be firing off two extra MM-enhanced arcane shots; instant cast, no cooldown, no mana, and no ammo. It sounds expensive but its a neat idea.

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