Thursday, December 17, 2009

Taking a Battering and Various News

So I saw the hilt on AH this morning. It was listed for 80,000 gold. It's the first one I saw listed. I don't have 80,000 gold. If I did, I wouldn't spend it on something that will be replaced so soon.

I did however go into Heroic PoS (great planning on abbreviations there Blizz...) and solo'd the first two guys a couple dozen times. I lost my pet twice. I was just using my wolf while in pet-tank spec. (Thanks for the Call Stabled Pet cooldown bug.) I looted a green or two. No hilts. No epix.

I want to experience the quest line. It looks quite cool. I'm not overly eager to buy the hilt even for a sub 10k price just for experiencing some content.

In other news, AH also now has the first wave of epic ammo on sale on my server. It's going for 50g / 1000. Although, I noticed one unsavory character listing some of his for 35g / 100. (Notice the missing zero.) This is still too rich. That comes to 5silver per shot. I don't know my average shots fired per night rate. Spot-checking a 7min 42sec fight, it appears that I fired 659 shots. So those ammo prices will be (have to be!) dropping like a stone in a couple weeks even without in-guild crafters.

In the "fix Kheldul's equipment through upgrades" news, my craptacular ring was replaced with the PoS ring which was then replaced with the first Ashen rep ring. This means, w00t! It also means I do the +hit gem dance again. I'll also look at other pieces I can swap in that don't have hit. Or maybe I'll just trim a little and stay at 8% this time. (I had tweaked things to be at a hair over 7% before. (Thank you space goats!))

Oh and my little side project Shammy healer is now up to a gearscore of 4400, has 2-3 cuts for each epic gem color, and has made 14,500 gold in the past three weeks by "creating value".

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  1. So rather than doing some exhaustive gear swap-athon, I just removed all my +hit gems. I'm now at a hair over +8% hit with a bit more agil and crit.

    RAWR is getting ported and debugged for hunters, so once it is as good as Shandra's / we can use it to let to do the exhaustive gear, gem, and enchant swapping. I'm not overflowing in >= iLevel 245 gear so there isn't too much to worry about right now.

    Oh and I saw the epic bullets available on AH for a mere 120g / 1000. Then a new stack came in at only 80g / 1000. Soon we'll see some reasonable prices.