Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kheldul's Weak Gear

Kheldul has some seriously weak gear. At least as viewed at the item level. He does have stacks and stacks of conquest and triumph badges. (So many that he filled out some of his PvP gear with them and still has plenty.) Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any upgrades.

One of his rings is level 213. He has tried to get the ToC-25 ring and the easy Ulduar-25 ring. Unfortunately his dice and/or DKP have always been found lacking. When it comes to rolling, he rolls a lot of 1's.

Both trinkets are level 200 (greatness and the mirror). Greatness is of course great. But the mirror does suck. He has a bunch of other trinkets with higher iLevels but they suck more. No ToC-25 love. None of the many drops from even Ulduar-25 either. Or even Sarth. And who is running Ulduar anymore? :(

The Herkuml War Token is certainly tasty. But honestly, would I go for it before I take new armor? 60 Emblems of Frost is a bit rich. I guess I should go ahead and grab the Triumph trinket. In order to make it work, I'll need to flip my +hit gems and macro it appropriately. I've gone through three big waves of +hit re-gem waves. When I'd really like to get some ToC-25 love. And of course, if/when I did I'd have to completely re-gem back.

In a related vein, Rilgon has some suggestions on class priority/usefulness of the Deathbringer's Will trinket.

And then there is the easiest upgrade ever. That will be pretty hot. I can't wait.


  1. The Triumph Trinket is pretty nice unless you've got gear that'll pop you up at hitcap. On-use trinket lets you stack it nicely with other procs. Otherwise, Mirror of Truth / Banner of Victory are still great to use alongside Greatness.

    There's also the trinket that drops in one of the new 5-mans, whenever it gets fixed.

  2. Yeah, I was looking at what hit I can trade in for agil/crit ... and there isn't that much. :( I only came up with 32 vs the 128 I don't need.

    No matter what, I end up with a DPS loss over time if I take the "better" trinket. :-/

  3. Heroic Forge of Souls, 2nd boss, drops a pretty nice DPS trinket that would replace your mirror.

  4. Heh. I got the lame DPS ring I had replaced from one of the new 5mans just in time to replace it with the raid rep one. Maybe it will help the raid with its 20 extra dps.

    Are you guys talking about the Needle-Encrusted Scorpion? I am shooting for it. It isn't the best with all the Armor Pen, but it does come out with top-end buffs/debuffs +41 dps.

  5. I was indeed talking about the Scorpion trinket. I forgot armpen wasn't as good for Surv.

    Also definatly save those frost emblems for T10 gear because you need to buy the first level stuff with badges in order to get the better stuff later where you turn in the Raid Boss Trophies (with the frost bought tier gear).