Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Pet Resilience Levels for Pet Tanking in 3.3

Pets can avoid crits from mobs and bosses either by: a) the hunter stacking a fair amount of resilience or, b) by the hunter wearing some resilience gear and the pet taking the Grace of the Mantis tenacity talent. For any real pet tanking, you need to use a tenacity pet. In the tenacity trees, GotM is a prerequisite to Wild Hunt which is not an optional pet talent. So tenacity pets get 4% crit avoidance off the bat. Now comes resilience from gear.

With patch 3.3, pets inherit 100% resilience from their masters. Previously this was only 40%. So hunter pet tanks do not need to wear as much resilience gear as before to avoid being critted. Here's how much:

Mob LevelChance to be Crit Hunter Resilience
Needed to Avoid
Crits on Pet
80 1% 82
81 1.2% 99
82 1.4% 115
83(Boss)1.6% 132

Because PvP gear is readily drawn from to put together a pet-tanking set, you will most likely over-shoot your resilience needs by a wide margin. Previous levels were easy to arrive at. Now they are just a couple pieces.

I probably wont do too many changes with regard to gear. However, these low numbers made me look into other talent options. More on that tomorrow.


  1. Hi Khel - thanks for the confirmation.
    This site is an inspiration :)

  2. I thought relience apples only to pvp. High resilience in pvp does not mean crit avidance from bosses.

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  4. PvP gear is usually a very poor way for a tank to avoid crits. They have many more options.

    Hunters do not have those options (other than a little GotM).

    Resilience does in fact work in PvE. What resilience does NOT do in PvE is reduce damage from attacks. (That is only PvP.)