Friday, December 11, 2009

Little-Known Pally Pet Tank Healing Tip for Raids

In a fight with little raid damage, a solid pally healer can solo-heal a 10man raid if one of the two tanks is a hunter pet.

Refresher on Details

  1. Multiple Pally Beacons can be placed on the same person. Hurray! for 25mans.
  2. Beacons now transmit the Healing Done which includes overheal.
  3. Hunter pet tanks get +54% healing. They get this thanks to the hunter talent, Spirit Bond, and the pet talent, Blood of the Rhino.
  4. Pallys can and do get a nice Glyph to help healing multiple targets (usually melee near a tank).
Basic 10/25man Raid Situation
1 Druid MT, 1 Pet OT, plus dps, plus healers

The Tip
Beacon the MT. Heal the tenacity pet near five others (e.g.- melee). Get insane heals on your MT. Profit.

The Math Walkthrough
Say that the base incoming heal to the tenacity pet is 18,000. Thanks to +54% healing, that becomes 27,720 total healing. That 27,720 is applied to the tank thanks to the Beacon.

I have not verified this, but -- IF -- the pally has a Glyph and IF five others receive 10% of that 27,720 (2,772 * 5 => 13,860) then the tank may receive a 41,580 point heal (27,720 + 13,860).

Sound nice?

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately the bonus healing for pets is applied after the healing transfers to the beacon target. That means that the paladin won't get their oversized pet heal. Or at least it didn't work in 3.1 when the Beacon overhealing change went through.