Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Recommended Hunter Talent Specs for 3.3

Recommended Hunter Talent Specs for 3.3

Looking for a hunter build in 3.3? Patch 3.3 is a great time to re-think your talents, change your spec, and improve your dps.

Marksman 7/57/7 (MM DPS)
Marksman hunters should trade Focused Aim and Improved Barrage depending on your hit cap. If you have someone else that you can guarantee will bring a Trueshot aura buff, then you can skip that and put more into focused aim or improved barrage. If you can guarantee that you'll have a Draenei in your party then you should only shoot for +7% hit.

Survival SV 0/15/55 (SV DPS)
Survival hunters can trade a point in Resourcefulness for Improved Hawk. They can also move Aimed Shot to Improved Hawk if there are other sources of mortal strike and they don't have movement issues. I am not recommending 2/18/51 even with the T9 set bonus. It only provides a minimal DPS upgrade and gives up Replenishment.

54/12/5 (BM DPS)
Beastmaster hunters who want another instant can go with a 53/18/0 for Aimed Shot.

Beastmaster 59/12/0 (BM Pet-Tank)
Beastmaster hunters who are pet-tanking can go with the crit-train route shown above. There are two other pet tank options talent options. One is the all-around buff system, 59/12/0. You can off-tank just about anything indefinitely. You can provide FI and advanced hunter's mark. Trade in focused aim if you're hit-capped. The other option is the high stamina route of 56/0/15. This gives up a lot of threat and raid buff talents in favor of +10% stamina.

Recommended Pet Talent Specs for 3.3

Wolf (16pt, dps) - recommended for MM and SV dps
Turtle (20pt, tank) - recommended for pet tanking
Devilsaur (20 pt, dps) - recommended for BM

Other Popular Pet Talent Specs for 3.3

Cat (16pt, dps)
Gorilla (20pt, threat tank)
Spirit Beast (20pt, dps)

Hunter Glyphs

Major Glyphs I recommend:

SV DPS: Kill Shot, Serpent Sting, Explosive Shot
MM DPS: Kill Shot, Serpent Sting, Chimera Shot
BM DPS: Steady Shot, Bestial Wrath, Hawk
BM Tank: Serpent Sting, Bestial Wrath, Beast



  1. Would I be right in saying that with 3.3 the resilience rating target drops from 328 to 132?
    Realm: EU Argent Dawn
    Character: Fyshuppa lvl 80 Tauren Hunter
    Pets: Ironback and Old Cliff Jumper

  2. Khel,
    Thx for the fast post after the patch. YOU ROCK! I'm new to hunters and learning a great deal from your blog. Thanks Again.

    Realm: US Tichondrius
    Character: Fivel lvl 80 BE Hunter
    Pets: Cat, Wolf, Gorilla (Depends on my function)

  3. @Kenny: Yes, that is exactly correct. Here's are the latest pet crit-avoidance calculations. Excel FTW.

    @Fivel: Glad I could help!

  4. I was under the impression that since the Glyph of Steady Shot + Marked for Death was fixed in 3.3, that Glyph of Steady Shot was part of the MM glyph trio.

  5. what spec would yoou choose as raid dps spec im used to bm but from what i can hear it isnt as good to day as the other 2

  6. At what point do you change from survival to MM specc? 40% armorpen.?

  7. MM glyphs should include the Steady Shot Glyph IMO

  8. your pet talent choices section does nto appear to be workign atm

  9. Thanks for the info been a ton of help keep up the good work

  10. In MM glyphs, you shouldnt use serpent sting qlyph.
    Because of chimera shot has 9 sec CD you have plenty of time to shoot it to refresh the sting.
    I would reccomend to change it into Steady shot glyph.
    ofc this is just my opinion.

  11. As a leveling spec, what would you suggest. I'm at lvl 72 atm.

  12. For leveling is BM the easiest and best way.

  13. I just tamed a bear and I'm going for the BM tanking build above. What tanking pet talent spec should I go for?

  14. your BM talents are not good and [Ferocious Inspiration] also increast arcane shot dmg by 9% and steady shot dmg by 9% , use to play in test server make better spec line 53/14/4

  15. "In MM glyphs, you shouldnt use serpent sting qlyph.
    Because of chimera shot has 9 sec CD you have plenty of time to shoot it to refresh the sting.
    I would reccomend to change it into Steady shot glyph.
    ofc this is just my opinion."

    This is not correct. The extra 6 seconds on serpent sting from the glyph actually increases the total ammount of damage done by the sting. Therefore your chimera shot will do more damage with the ss glyph than without it. It will do more damage with the ss glyph versus the chimaera glyph.

  16. The build links aren't working. Think you need to "lock" the builds once you have them set.
    Disappointing, I was curious to see what the specs looked like.

  17. Yep builds are blank.

    Like previous poster said, it does help to lock the builds when your logged in to your wowhead.com account.

    I just built an SV spec from http://www.wowwiki.com/Hunter_builds. It lists all the key SV MM and BM important talents.

    Everything seems to be the same in game even if the post is outdated.