Friday, December 11, 2009

How to Heal a Pet Tank

What You Need to Know
  1. A pet tank should not be taking critical hits.
  2. Pets have decent armor mitigation but low dodge.
  3. Pets have 90% reduction in AoE magical damage.
  4. Pets should be able to take two big hits but three should kill them. This should be one less than a normal tank.
  5. Pets have less OMG panic buttons. They have one Last Stand. And turtles have an occasional Shell Shield.
  6. Hunter pet tanks get +54% to incoming healing. They get this thanks to the hunter talent, Spirit Bond, and the pet talent, Blood of the Rhino.
What Does This Mean for a Healer?
  1. Pets tanks will take steady damage so they need steady and frequent healing.
  2. Pets can shrug off all but the worst stuff on the ground. A tank-killer 50k magical hit will only be 5k.
  3. Pets don't have many panic buttons. A normal tank can be liberal about using them because they have a couple more. A hunter may be more tentative about using it because they only have one.
  4. Pets will not become immune for a while in an OMG event and wait for you to cast a big heal.
  5. Pets add 54% to your healing. Fifty-four percent. Because they can't take more than a couple big hits, use smaller heals with short or instant cast times. HoTs are good too.
  6. Pet tanks need a dedicated healer so they get that steady healing. However they may not need more than one if they get short spam heals.

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