Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kheldul's Hunter DPS Tip #9: Strategies and Situational Awareness

Tip 9: Strategies and Situational Awareness
I find that any time I walk into a particular boss fight that I've never actually fought before my DPS is notably lower than the second time I'm there. This is because I am being careful and trying to do the right thing much more than trying to do the right thing and crank out my top DPS. This is sober. This is sane. I almost always have watched a video or read a strategy of a fight before I've "been there". If you don't do those things, you will likely have miserable DPS, die, or cause a wipe. The other thing here is that once you really understand the strategy then you can optimize your movements, actions, shot decisions, and cooldown use. More specifically, you'll know if it is beneficial to move or not and if it's detrimental not to move. You'll know if you should refresh DoTs before Ony takes off or hold your big attacks and cooldowns one second until Icehowl slams his head against a wall or until you get empowered on the Twin Val'kyr.

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