Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kheldul's Hunter DPS Tip #16: Kill It Dead

Tip 16: Kill It Dead
Kill Shot must be pressed each time it is available. No, you can't macro it into other attacks. You have to be on the ball and you have to press a button to make it happen. You can make that button be a macro of the cast and a /stopcasting on the line before it. If you have power-up trinkets add in a /use of them as well. But don't think the stopcasting beats the global cooldown or you'll be wondering why the key didn't do anything. I, myself, am pretty close to binding this to more than just one key. I'd like an entire region of my keyboard so I can slap a general area instead of a specific key. ;-)


  1. I keep Kill Shot bound to a sidemouse button so it's always at my beck and call at the twitch of a thumb.

    Never tried using a /stopcasting macro for Kill Shot, but if you don't want to worry about fumbling up your GCD, you can take a small step to the side then fire it off if you don't have to worry about Sniper Training. I say this mostly because I focus so much attention on Kill Shot cooldowns when bosses are low HP that I end up spamming my Kill Shot key when I'm mere moments away from having it available to me.

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  2. I also like to save my 2nd cast of Readiness for after the boss is below 20%. I use Kill Shot, readiness, and Kill Shot again (along with a macro I have created for Rapid Fire, Kill Command and Berzerking) which really ramps us my DPS as the fight is coming to an end.