Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Criticize My Gear. Please.

I invite you to criticize my gear. To help, I'll tell you that I have plenty of emblems of conquest, and over 75 emblems of triumph, and enough mats/gold for the BoE belt.

As "excuses" I'll say that I haven't been able to locate a leather-worker with the belt plan anymore. I knew a few and they're never on. I also have been bidding dkp on all sorts of upgrades but often losing to insurmountable piles of dkp. It also doesn't help that the past two (or is it three?) Friday raids have been canceled due to lack of attendance. So rogues with 5x my dkp get all the rings and trinkets. It would be great if I can snag an trophy but I'm not sure that will happen with half the raiders having five to six times the dkp of the newer guild raiders.

Also, I have been guaranteed that I will always always always have a Draenei in my group, so I've pushed +hit down to 231 -- one point above 7%.

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