Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kheldul's Hunter DPS Tip #7: Network Latency

Tip 7: Network Latency
Do you usually have high network latency? Do you live in Australia and have your server in California? Do you work in Iraq or Afghanistan and raid in New Jersey? Do you have a crappy internet provider? Or is it just temporary? The Australia connection can be dealt with to some degree. You can use quartz and stop-casting-pre-cast. You can focus more on DoT and channeled casts. You can hit things a little earlier and switch targets a little sooner. You will suffer a DPS penalty, but it doesn't need to be tremendous. If you're in Iraq and coming in via satellite with two second latency, you can ... solo. If you are like me and have a 300ms latency cross-country then you will basically just be taking a 50-100dps penalty. Not a big deal. If you have crappy internet then you should scream and shout. If you are red-lined and not normally, then check for background downloads (virus definitions, windows updates, podcasts, etc.) on your computer and your housemates.

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