Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kheldul's Hunter DPS Tip #1: Maximize Yer Powerhouse Cooldowns

Tip 1: Maximize Yer Powerhouse Cooldowns
You need to know when you can go nuts on DPS and how to be able to go nuts more than just once or twice in a raid. If you've got on use trinkets, know when you'll get full use of them. Understand if you use them now how many times you'll be able to use them in the fight. Balance it with knowing that delaying for the best opportunity may mean you may only use them twice instead of three times in a fight. I don't currently use on use trinkets in PvE. But if I did, I'd know that a 2min cooldown with a 30sec active time means you can use it three times in a five minute fight for a total of 1.5 minutes uptime. Your first use can be at time increment zero, not two minutes. The same thing applies to things like Rapid Fire. If you are untalented in it and your kill time for a boss is in the six minute range, then using it early can leave it available again when you often need to pour on the damage. If you upload your combat logs to a place like then you'll be able to see your dps over time. You want to see more than one or two spikes! If you have trouble watching for these cooldowns, get a cooldown timer addon like AzCastBar (with the cooldown plugin).

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  1. I should add: If you have cooldowns that will effectively stack with each other or procs then you *should* stack them. But if they don't provide more benefit from being used together then don't. If they are in some way exclusive, or you hit a soft haste cap, or they just don't have a multiplicative benefit -- then use them but use them in serial.

    If you are unsure about a fight then using a bunch of powerhouse cooldowns at once is not the way to go. Use them serially. You'll average out any missed DPS due to movement.

    You can also anticipate any procs you may have and pre-stack powerhouse cooldowns with when you think they will proc. That's the black-triple diamond slope. There are addons you can get that will show you hidden cooldowns you want to track.