Monday, May 3, 2010

What is the Will of Deathbringers?

There is a decision that I will need to make soon. That decision point is when my last non-iLevel 264 item is replaced by Deathbringer's Will (DBW).

I am currently dual spec in Survival and Pet-tanking. I enjoy both. Survival is my raid spec. I provide replenishment and it is seemingly in short supply lately. But when this trinket lands I know that I can get a lot more dps by changing to Marksman. And not just Marksman using Agility and all my current gear -- but Marksman Armor Pen and all new gemmed gear. We're talking about getting rid of one of my two favorite talent trees and possibly all different gear in exchange for a large dps gain.

Here's the deal:

10707Current gear and SV
10803Current gear and SV and DBW
11349Marks Agil with current gear (and T9.5x2)
11517Marks Agil with current gear (and T9.5x2) and DBW
11559+Marks ArP with essentially different gear and DBW

The "+" is because I haven't even looked at using different ArPen-focused gear.

So when DBW drops, I can just equip it and get ~+1% dps under ideal circumstances. Or, I can change talents, swap out gear, re-gem everything, and get over an 8% dps improvement. And as an intermediate step, I can try out Marks without changing much gear and get a 7% increase.

The problem here is that I only have dual specs, not tri specs. And of course it would be great to have a PvP-specific spec... I'm not sure how I want to handle it.

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  1. I'm in the very same position about to make myself crazy trying to decide what to do. I need a pack mule to carry around all of my gear (I currently carry what is essentially 3 different PVE Outfitter combinations and a full set of PVP gear. I tried leaving it in the bank but there are times I want to use a different gear combination - and if it's in the bank it's useless to me. And one never knows when the BG bug will bite. ;)