Friday, May 21, 2010

On The Road To Being a Marksman - Part 2

With Marksman it is much more important to apply new stings when you are under the effects of a temporary buff. The effect is applied to the DoT. And Chimera Shot will renew the existing DoT. This means I really need to see when I'm under the effects of a good proc or stack of procs. I need to get this visually queued up with Power Auras or Need to Know. I tweaked Need to Know a bit last night, and I owe Power Auras a re-visit.

I need to work out if it's in my interest to do Arcane Shots. I'm not liking what my bars are looking like. ;-)

I went to my bank vault last night to pull out "all my Tier 9.5 gear". Unfortunately it appears that I only have the gloves, pants, and shoulders. These are about as bad as it gets in the tier 9.5 category. Why? Well first: I have Tier 10.5 pants and gloves. I have the Tier 10.0 stuff, but ouch. I really want to keep the Tier 10.5 and the set bonus. The decision on upgrading those pieces from T10 to T10.5 was made in the context of being a SV hunter and having other really good SV iLevel 264 gear for other slots. Now I'm wondering if I need to farm for the other T9.5 or T9.75 (Heroic) gear. In either case, down-shifting to Tier 9.5 isn't looking as easy as going to my closet.

I need to see which MM gear (side-grades) I should take. I've got about enough for one piece of token gear.

I need to revisit my macros. Some will need Marksman versions and Survival versions. Some are just for Marksman.

I need to spend some time with a target dummy.

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