Sunday, May 30, 2010

On The Road To Being a Marksman - Part 8

I re-read something over at our de-wow'd trash-talkin' Angry Butterfly. I remembered the post and sought it out. The focus of the post was a little different than I recalled. But it had the info I wanted.
Since I PuG more often then not these days, I find I get a lot of tells requesting my opening shot rotation.

Here it is:

Misdirect -> Serpent Sting with Rapid Fire/Call of the Wild Macro and Kill Command-> Chimera Shot -> Aimed Shot ->
->Misdirect -> Chimera Shot -> Aimed Shot and Kill Command -> Steady -> Steady -> etc. until Rapid Fire is done, then pop it again.

This is a massive amount of damage within the first 15 seconds or so, particularly with any number of trinket, pet abilities, and set bonus procs.
This made me realize something. I've been using Readiness for all of a week. I have been thinking of it a little wrong.

I think "Rapid Fire, wait for rapid fire buff to end, Readiness, Rapid Fire". That isn't bad. And yes, of course I dump all my good shots before and after the Readiness. But really it should be, "Rapid Fire, Readiness, wait for rapid fire buff to end, Rapid Fire". Meaning: I shouldn't wait for my rapid fire buff to go away use my Readiness.

You can see my slightly flawed thinking in my Rapid Fire macro:
/cast Rapid Fire

/cast Call of the Wild

/in 15 /w Kheldul BLOW IT ALL -then- READINESS

Instead I should do something like the following until I get it in my head right. I may need to make a special Readiness keybind. Currently it's a mouseclick which interferes a little with the slamming home of all my shots.
/cast Rapid Fire

/cast Call of the Wild

/w Kheldul UNLOAD and then READINESS then UNLOAD
/in 15 /w Kheldul RAPID FIRE AGAIN

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  1. This is a great series of posts...a cool part of the Hunter Class is that a seemingly small difference in rotation can make a huge difference in output.