Friday, May 21, 2010

On The Road To Being a Marksman

In my last post, I mention that I got my tipping-point trinket and have started on the road to being a marksman hunter. Marksman was my first choice far back in vanilla wow some 5+ years ago. I'm coming back and it has changed a lot.

I started with a pretty basic Marksman talent allocation. I'm quite iffy on the Arcane Shot talents. I may go with a more mana-ful allocation. And of course if when I get MM-sidegrades I will need to pick up some hit via the talents.

The first thing I did when I loaded up the new talents was to start making the button layout as similar to my SV layout as possible. I don't need to be hunting around for the MD button. I want Silencing Shot where Wyvern Sting is. Etc. Etc.

The second thing I did was to just try the damn spells.

The third thing was to get the right Glyphs.

And the fourth thing was to make my Serpent Sting duration bar thicker and a more eye-catching color. It's now green instead of brown.

There is a huge amount of stuff left to do.

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