Saturday, May 29, 2010

On The Road To Being a Marksman - Sidebar for the Traitor

I am a traitor to Beastmaster Hunters everywhere for giving up my pet-tanking spec. Whoops! I just gave up BM and pet-tanked a heroic in SV spec with Flash, my turtle, in my pet-tanking gear because the tank didn't want to do Oculus. I am a traitor to Survival hunters everywhere for trying Marksmanship. Whoops! I need to flip back to SV because I'm not bursting these adds down fast enough. Double-Whoops-Ooops! I'm a traitor to Marksmanship.

Meanwhile my gaming computer blew a sector on one of the RAID0 drives ... happens to be something Windows XP needs when it starts up. So I've been playing MM on a lesser computer in 1024x768 and graphics low and just managing 20fps.

I don't remember the exact words from a certain Marksman hunter, but this is close: "Survival is like defusing a bomb every 30 seconds".

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