Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3.1 Hunter Talent Specs, Pet Talents, Hunter Glyphs

This information has been updated for patch 3.3 here.


Here's what I'm going to try. I'll dual spec. I'm going with:

Hunter 3.1 Talents:
+ SV DPS 0/15/56
+ BM Tank 59/12/0

Pet 3.1 Talents:
+ Ferocity DPS
+ Tenacity Tank

Major Glyphs:
+ SV DPS: Explosive Shot, Serpent Sting, Kill Shot (Wow! No Hawk or Steady)
+ BM Tank: Bestial Wrath, Arcane Shot, Aspect of the Beast

I may be waiting on two of those Glyphs as they're brand new.

What will you choose?


  1. i'll choose both specs, they are both good.

    BM for faming solo instances and SV for raiding ulduar :)

    thx blizzard for dual spec!

    and i would like to say, good post man :)



    Gya @ Burning Steppes

  2. good approach mate, will try this evening :)

  3. im gonna discuss this with a couple of other hunters and try it maybe it looks like a good spec thx

  4. BM Tank: Glyph of Mending instead of Arcane Shot?

    "Increases the healing done by your Mend Pet ability by 40%"

  5. Interesting comment on the tank glyph. I spreadsheet-tested the SV dps choices. Mending may be a better choice. I wanted a little DPS in there. Mend Pet doesn't need to be used if you're not solo'ng, but +40% isn't bad at all for when you don't have a real healer.

    Given that you can Glyph in the field, that could be a good option.

  6. I don't understand that second build, you are trying to use a pet to tank a dungeon?? That sounds ridiculous.

    Glyph of AotB looks to be 100% useless and not worth a major slot.

    Both would be poor advice.

  7. Not ridiculous at all. Fun. ;-)

  8. I main tanked H VH last night with my gorilla in my dps BM spec. It actually worked really well, and was fun as hell

  9. Heres an interesting thought, I use a turtle for tanking but in my dps spec i use a bear set up for damage for dailys and such. He can do pretty amazing dps, and you can finish off a ton of mobs extremly fast.

    Of course im raising a wolf for raiding and i use a hyena for pvp. Really nice blog : )

  10. i dont get why you used serpent instead of steady in your sv glyphs.

  11. i would rather have the extra 3 seconds w/o having to waste the mana and the global CD than to gain a 10 % extra on steady shot which i only use when everything is on CD, maybe 1 time or 2 times between a rotation, great idea :)

  12. The spec you posted for SV is very fail. Resourcefulness is beyond worthless. Those 3 points are better spent elsewhere, like into Imp Aspect of the Hawk.
    Also, the only time aimed shot would ever be viable is if you need an instant cast on the move. It's more than double the cost of steady shot and hits for less. That point should be used to fill out Hunting Party as that gives another 1% to agility (3% to agility total).
    If you find it mandatory to have aimed shot, take a point from imp aoth.

    For glyphs, Explosive and Kill Shot are without a doubt mandatory. For third I was contemplating between aoth, serp, and steady. Being the bonus form aoth is a chance thing, the benefit would be random. Steady gives a 10% boost when serpent is up, which is nice, but it's not as effective being we're spamming the hell out of the other shots all the time. That leaves serpent as our winner. It leaves serp up for an additional 6 seconds meaning you can (theoretically) get off another 3 shots before having to refresh the sting.


    As for the tanking spec?
    Looks good. For glyphs, mending and and bestial wrath = mandatory. Aspect of the Beast, for the purpose of tanking, isn't a bad idea. That 2% will add a little bit more threat and being you're not there to dps, who cares right? It's all about the pet tank.

  13. As to what Gregory said, I disagree with two things. Steady shot hitting more than aimed? No sir. 3.1 Steady is actually kinda fail. Resourcefulness being worthless? No sir. Less mana cost on one of your top priority shots that procs LnL meaning less mana spent, meaning more mana left over for other Damage Shots, meaning less tiem in viper. Conclusion, overall a higher net dps increase. I'll agree on aimed shot being a close to never-used shot in Raiding. Otherwise, good post, made me relook my talents over.

  14. Gregory, Resourcefulness is a proven talent leader. It is not "beyond worthless". Your comments on Steady Shot are kinda silly.
    "The Spec you posted for SV is very fail." I'm curious what talents you take. My guild can assure you, this is far from "very fail".

    Aimed Shot may be one of the very few points you can push somewhere else. I typically move a lot more than I'd otherwise like to in Ulduar. So shots on the move are quite important. I've found Aimed Shot superior to Multi for this reason. I don't have mana problems.

  15. i tanked a lot of raid with my Rhino and I enjoy so much having that role in the party...

    But I say we still need one more spec option! I use BM for world content, Surv for end game raids, but also MM for PVP.

  16. now that we have spoken about the spec, what about the shot rotation for Tank and Surv... im not sure what i should put as a rotation...

  17. BM Spec as follows:
    Ferocity Pet Spec as follows:

    This will be the new raiding spec standard.

  18. i understand that the mana usage in mend pet is reduced by 40% but at lvl 80 that is only down to 318 mana, i believe that the two talent points you used in imp mend pet would be better spent somewhere else, like perhaps mortal shots. but of course that is just my opinion and until proven wrong im going with mortal shots thank you very much

  19. i would like to know what rotation you guys use ??