Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back from Hiatus

Back this week from Chicago. Got to meet up with someone I've raided/grouped/guilded with for years, but never met before in person. It was very cool. I think I was expecting it to be stranger than it was. In fact, it was just as comfortable. Although I'm not sure I always looked at him while I was talking. ... kinda falling back to WoW communication. ;-)

Had a lot to catch up on at home before jumping into WoW at all. Got in last night for a guild-first kill on XT-002. That was cool. I did my job pretty well. Because of my break I haven't leveled up my wolf to 80 yet. So I was still raiding with my cat.

I got some new boots from that silly robot. The Twisted Visage also dropped, which is nice to see. Also picked up not one -- not two -- but three achievements. Nothing amazing, but still fun.

Umm what else... oh thanks to the new arena starting and since 3.1, I've upgraded three pieces of PvP gear. I'm now at 605 Resilience. Since dual specs came out, it seems like there are far far fewer heals being thrown around in random BGs. Maybe my sample size is just too small. But it makes sense. And the Resilience certainly seems to be helping. Maybe even more than balancing out for it.

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