Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finding a New Wolf and Giving it a Good Name

Those are my top three choices. The pet connoisseur will notice that none will be level 80. I'm going with classical wolf appearances and staying away from the outlandish. Or perhaps I should say "staying away from the northrendish." If you're in a pinch, you can always go grab a level 80 wolf a short two minute flight north east of Dalaran. I just feel like they're missing something that the above models have in spades. And to be honest, I'm leaning toward the last wolf model. The middle guy is nice (and a Rare I might add), but the light brown eyes of the last model feel right.

Picking a name is next on the agenda. I'm thinking something classy. For a dwarf, classy means old. My dwarvish name generator makes names that sound right for a character and not a pet. The same applies to my elvish name generators. However, I have an elvish word generator that does very well with pet names. Here are some of my top contenders with their meanings:

  • Aranroth ("king" and "wolf")
  • Belengwaw ("great" and "howl")
  • HimrothehtelĂ« ("cool" and "wolf" and "spring")
  • Himaroth ("cool" and "great-wolf")
  • Hadhodroth ("dwarves" and "wolf")
  • Lossarothntur ("snow" and "great-wolf" and "master")
  • Lossaroth ("snow" and "great-wolf")
  • Lossrothluin ("snow" and "wolf" and "blue")
For the record, my generator is pretty old and clunky. I wrote it in the pre-dawn era around 1995. However, the "language" is inspired by Tolkien's Sindarin. I'm not a linguist, but I gained a healthy respect for the field.


  1. I dont know about you , i like the Coyote lookin wolves , and i have to have a theme for my pets ....
    for my 30 SVhunter , it is Angel names , and my 80 Main BM/MMhunter , i have to Okami brush Gods , i love that game

  2. My name theme before 3.0 was food related. Bacon, the pig. Chipotle, the fiery scorpid. Pesto, the green ravager. Salt, the black morass leopard.

    That went out the window once tank pets and exotics became available. (Pre-wrath, but post 3.0.) I remember running to UBRS with a few friends, grabbing the "Jenkins" title and then pulling them down to MC to help me tame a Core Hound.

  3. IMHO, the coolest Northrend wolf name is 'Uffe', a common and funny sounding nickname for someone named 'Ulf', meaning 'Wolf' in ancient scandinavian.