Friday, April 17, 2009

Status Check

+ I thawed my corpse out of the frozen in time instance.
+ I got my button bars a little less overloaded with a castsequence SrS/BA macro to save a button slot. I'm not entirely happy with it, but I think tweaking the time, having BA's CD visible seperately and simply not accidentally hitting it when it isn't necessary would be a good start. I may have to scrap the whole idea and find another slot though.
+ Went into MC and took down a couple bosses. This helped me learn that I probably shouldn't be full tank spec for lvl 60 raid bosses. It took forever to get them down.
+ After the MC run, I got my tank glyphs... yes, I had been empty. And yes, I went with Mending over Arcane Shot.
+ I sold my uber ammo bags and quiver. I bought normal 20 slot bags. It felt sad. I was not happy to get the extra space. It feels generic and wrong. It's an optimization in our favor, but takes away the flavor. I'm also scratching my head wondering if I have enough ammo. Having it land in any open slot is also pretty annoying.

+ I got my new friend (I went with brown eyes) and leveled him up to 76. Level 75->76 took about 80minutes of non-stop farming in an instant-pop zone.
+ I saw the new Vault boss destroy us. We were 24-manning it and were often about 3-4k dps short so with some upgrades and a full attentive raid that seems do-able.
+ I went into Ulduar and didn't chain-DC or get frozen in time. And we beat Flame Leviathan in 25man. The trash after him is an interesting challenge. We hit the lava pot-belly boss afterward and got some steam burns. We were pretty short on healers at the time.

Still to do:
+ Need my SV PvE glyphs. Still nobody has them.
+ PvP button bar needed.
+ Some better PvE tank bars/macros needed.
+ Re-gear for PvE using the new spreadsheet suggestions.
+ Get my new brown-eyed wolf up to level 80. Once he's level 80 he will get a name.
+ Put together a couple tank sets.
+ Fix and improve tank button bars.
+ Find someone who has the SV Glyphs I want. Oh! Did I say that twice? Yep! I guess I really need them.

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