Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hunter Pet Tanking

I'm playing with the idea of making my dual spec be a hunter pet tank. Either MT for small bosses or OT... or solo'ng old raid content. I enjoy putting together different gear sets for different occasions. This is an expansion of that.

At the moment, I'm looking at this 56/15/0 hunter talent selection, with perhaps my Ghost Hydra tenacity pet with the new 3.1 pet talents. I am stumped though. There are definite trade-offs between mitigation, stamina, and oh-sh!t buttons. I'm pretty used to having Last Stand and Taunt for a tank pet. Not having them would be weird. Thunderstomp costing a talent is a little bummer, but it does open things up a bit for pets other than my ape. Not having Charge is also a bit difficult to swallow. Not super important for a MT, but for OT, Charge and Intervene are quite handy.

So perhaps there are a bunch of different pet talent groups. A MT spec, an OT spec, a solo'ng spec. What I'm looking at is a mix of stamina, easy healing, mitigation (dodge, armor, aoe reduction, and less crit-ability), increased threat, Taunt and Last Stand. You can stack the pet talents for a single objective like for high stamina, or for high threat generation, or excellent mitigation. But that seems far less useful.

Oh, and this is useful info for someone putting together a hunter pet tank. You'll want to vary your own hunter gear. Before hunter talents or pet talents even come into play, hunters pass on a percentage of their own stats to their pets. Here they are:

Percentage of
Hunter's Stat
Given to Pet
40.0%all magic resistances
22.0%ranged attack power as attack power
12.9%ranged attack power as spell power
45.0%stamina (though I've seen 30% claimed by some)

The real tricks come in when you take the above base stats and add in the talent multipliers, percentages, etc. I have no idea if all the talents are multiplicative or additive or some combination. I went for a little more stamina and a little less mitigation, but not by a whole lot. Is AP 22% of my RAP times 1.2? Or is AP 42% of my RAP? What is the pet's health? 45% of my stamina, plus another 40% of my stamina, plus 12%, plus 4%, converted to health, and then another 10% added? Armor is similar.

So yeah, as soon as dual specs come out, I'm thinking of taking pet tanking as my secondary. Is that completely crazy? I do PvP in BGs. Wouldn't it be wiser to have a PvP spec as my secondary?


  1. Hunter hit though rounds down to the pet. If I'm running with 7.99% hit percentage, ie: about 260 hit rating, it'll actually round down to 7% and my pet will be running with a hit percentage of 7%.
    It sucks, but it also explains why a pet misses more than the hunter. Another thing to note is the recent upcoming changes to Focused Aim in 3.1, this'll change up the pet hit rating dynamic a wee bit.
    Thought I'd share.

  2. OH! and about pet tanking, I totally tried to find out if Defense transferred over to the pet for the same idea.

    It doesn't me thinks.

  3. WRT Pet-hit: Yep yep. Readers should have seen that made reference to a bunch of times. I have far too many posts about +hit.

    One thing I'm not sure about is if they're changing that pet hit truncation for 3.1. That would make re-gemming less critical.