Friday, October 29, 2010

Distracting Shot

Has anyone noticed anything disfunctional with Distracting Shot?  I tried to use it on a Twin Emps [skull level] boss the other day to get his attention and it failed rather miserably.  It's true that I may never have tried to do it on a raid boss before... so perhaps it just doesn't work on raid bosses.  Is this known?  A feature?  A bug?


  1. Realistically - how can one distract a boss? :)

  2. Distracting works on any boss that is tauntable.

  3. Way late now, but if you're talking about the twin emperors in AQ40, one of them is immune to all magical affects, and one is immune to anything non-magical. I forget which distracting shot counts as, but I know taunts for warriors count as spells, so it's possible he was immune for that reason.