Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tier 11 Gear Embarrassment

These are the hunter tier 11 sets. I could maybe see this gear as green level 20 gear or something.  Wearing a mean murloc head as a helmet? Fishnet handguards?  Boat bumper floats across the breastbone for when docking?  I really hope this isn't kept around.  I mean... it's gotta be a joke, right?

DKs are bad-ass. So are mages.  Pallies are pretty regal. Shaman are okay and at least respectable.  The only other class that might want to complain are the space-suited priests.  But a space suit isn't like a rolly-polly fish-head.


  1. Your right those Dks and Mages are bad-ass, makes want to start getting my Dk to 80 just to work for that wicked looking armor, have to love anything with Skulls on it

  2. WTF is all i can think of
    ima hunter lvl 80 im gonna lvl all the way to lvl 85 for this crap?????

  3. Dude, im totally down to walk around as a merloc, i love the new tier!!! and if you really dont like it, just go into the interface and turn off "show helm" and it might look "better"