Friday, October 15, 2010

Hunter Spec/Build Observations

So I think the SV 0/4/32 choice might be good at level 80.  Of course we'll want to ditch those sting talents at level 81.  In any case I feel compelled to toss down two steadies to keep the buff up, and that plus LnL procs have me with reasonably comfortable focus.  (And that's as they should.)  So pulling one point of focus saving for one point of damage increasing seems logical for me.  I like to have to think harder.  I may put it back when I need to think more about the raid I'm in though. ;-)

BM (32/2/3) can do good damage in novice faceroll mode.  It is also pretty damn challenging at the moment.  It has some interesting proc decisions and interesting powerups.  I think it can be more challenging than SV.  It certainly has a lot of options.  I was mostly facerolling it.  While doing that I was completely swimming in focus as you'd expect.  If I play it better I'm sure I'll be able to eat that up.

Oh and BM tenacity pets are really quite wonderful.  Send them at a pack of five mobs.  If you don't use multi-shot then you probably wont have credit for the kill on them all.  The number of stable slots is also quite amazing, and BM can get some of the best ones out there.


  1. My only lvl 80 toons at the moment are my pally and hunter (which was toon #1) and I main spec BM all the time, i just like the fun of having exotic pets, and my dps is ok, not at the bottom always in top half of dps charts. But I'm enjoying BM so far, it is a little faceroll at the moment, but looking forward to how they tweak. Loving the almost always maxd focus bar and the fact i can spam Arcane Shot, so I use arcane shot glyph and try and focus on having that as a main part of my rotation. looking forward to seeing how the spec develops as cata rolls.

    Oh the one thing I do hate, is the crappy heal move given to spirit beasts! I think that was stupid changing it to a heals! I would of prefered them putting each spirit beast into there actual types, so there no longer all ferocity, but bear goes tenacity and cats/wolf ferocity, then they open it up to like a spirit chimera or something for cunning type spirit beast. but thats me anyways

  2. when 4.0.6 hits will SV still have the best dps??

  3. FYI, the spec links doesent work.. :P