Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's The Best Hunter Spec Now?

"What's the best hunter spec now?"  I've been whispered that.  I've seen it in trade chat.  Do we need to have this question raised so soon?  First off, everyone is "short" 5 talent points.  Secondly, all our numbers are certainly not finished being tweaked.  Third, your gear is a bit borked.  4.0 just launched on Tuesday.

That said, here are the level 80 hunter specs I'm using right now:

Survival: 0/10/31.  Why?  Because I still have a ton of crit and want to play with the crit procs.  Now of course it's really only 0/5/31 until we're 85.

BM: 31/7/3.  Why?  Because BM is fun and you want to tame every last animal you used to have and even the ones you never could, because you weren't BM-spec'd!

Marksman: 5/33/3. Why?  Based on the talents, Marksman should be the best there is for DPS.  Sure the others should be good.  But Marksman has the fewest non-DPS talents of the group.

Personally, I'm planning on changing a lot and enjoying the ride.

Changes already!  See

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