Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BM is Too Fun

I fully plan to keep BM as one of my talent trees.  The pets are just too damn fun.  The issue is that I'm doing far less DPS with them.

I'm often using my Ghost Worm, "Tequila Shock".  I don't even need to use Misdirect with him.  He's got two AoE abilities.  And between Kill Command, Growl, and his Acid Spit he generates great single target threat.  Add in the on-demand never-on-cooldown Misdirect-to-pet glyph and they are pretty amazing.

I also got back Fluffy, my Molten Core core hound who can now do Heroism.

I picked up three of the four different devilsaurs, each with a unique smile.  I tell the kids that somehow I found Chuckles again.

I have the cat and bear spirit beasts and I love their ability to toss out heals.  But wow are the spirit beast spawn points camped!

I still have my handsome wolf.  And my Ghost Hydra, Malcolm.  And my silver fur, green-eyed gorilla, Jason.  And Flash, my hyper-resilient turtle.

To round out my "ghost pet" theme, I got my "Ghost Cat".

Looking at all those pets, only a third of them are usable if I'm MM or SV.  These days you can use a different pet between each pull.  I guess I just need to work on doing more DPS as BM ... and layoff the tenacity pets.  They're just too fun.


  1. Love it that your pets (Jason especially) is still working for ya amigo. Interesting that Fluffy has HEROISM now. When did that happen or has that always been the case?

  2. That happened with 4.0 coming around. 4.0.3a brings other pet changes.