Friday, July 10, 2009

Quest for Greatness

The Quest for Greatness comes down to getting enough gold together to buy a reasonably priced trinket. I have one that gives me a huge amount of hit and has a nice proc. The other is quite old an decrepit. It just doesn't do the job. I need THE trinket. I have other neat trinkets. Like the unlimited farm trinket. And the sometimes useful in PvE PvP-trinket (I used it on the cat lady last night to some limited de-fearing.) But I don't have the Sarth trinket or the Naxx one. If I had either of those, I'd be in less of a trinket hole.

So I need 1k gold or so. I could get it now, but I'd be nearly depleted. I need to maintain a funds cushion for rainy days.

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