Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Putting a Pet on the Chopping Block

I've made some serious investments in my pet-tanking set. I spent about two hours min-maxing gear. I've got a fair amount of health. I still have good reasonable dps. I have two different set bonuses including the +5% pet damage. I looked at every piece of gear in my vault. I re-enchanted gear. I put in seven new Solid Sky Sapphire gems. I managed to not affect my main raid dps set or my main pvp set. Unbuffed, I've got 24k health, 3.2k RAP, and 25% crit. I'm also hit capped. And with 3.2's Resilience changes, my pet will be crit-capped.

I'm still a little uncertain on the trinkets. I am going with my new Darkmoon Card proc'ng agility, and the Pyrite Infuser proc'ng AP. The card procs often and from all sorts of stuff. It's hard to say no to. However, for tanking purposes, it would be nice to have an on-Use trinket that specifically adds to AP. It will still be great for Kheldul, but only will directly give the pet 22% of 90AP. Indirectly the pet will have more focus from Kheldul's crits. The Infuser is also questionable. Its proc is far less consistent and is based on Kheldul critting. Which a base 25% crit isn't too great to get rolling. I do need the +hit, but I don't need all of it. I'm at 285 and only need to be at 263. Grim Toll doesn't do anything for me. Yes, I'd shave my +hit and it would proc more, but armor penetration doesn't pass through to the pet. I have other options that involve moving around at least four pieces of gear to use a different on-use +AP trinket, but the benefit seems marginal.

So what's left? Well the subject of the post says it. I need to say goodbye to one of my pets. I need to take the serious move and get a tanking turtle.

I have Malcolm the limited edition ghost hydra crocolisk. He's really pretty special looking. I get compliments about him all the time. Crocs have the nice snapback ability that makes them pretty good AoE tankers. Things don't get away from them easiliy.

I have Jason the Gorilladin. I'm fond of him. He's a good guy. But he doesn't come out and play much. He looks great. Silver coat with green eyes. He acts great. I have used him a few times for his pummel ability. Kinda special case though. He was much more sexy when only he could thunderstomp. He's an interesting choice for PvP too.

I have Pedicure the snow cat. She doesn't come out much anymore. However, 3.2 has cat damage getting buffed, so when the numbers settle down and 3.2 hits she may make a raiding return. But will it?

I have Chuckles the incorrigible T-Rex. He is a child pleaser. I can't really dismiss a pet that the kids know by name, can I? It would be great if/when BM can do raid DPS and if/when the tyranosaur didn't have a hitbox twice the size of a boss.

And then there's my lovely Aranroth. He's the best looking wolf model IMHO. He is also too valuable at the moment to even think about giving up.

I had to level all of them up from 75. Chuck is a little annoying for many reasons. But he is pretty damn fun when he is out. Unfortunately, I have to be BM for him to be out, and if I'm BM, then I'm tank spec'd, which doesn't jive with Chuck. So he's little more than a toy.

Jason is kinda cool, but he is replaceable. The same with Pedicure. However, I'm talking about getting another Tenacity pet. So dismissing the cat just feels wrong.

Malcolm isn't going away. He is not replacable. Aranroth isn't going away either. He is in constant use.

I haven't made my judgement yet, but one pet will not be sleeping in a stable tomorrow.

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  1. I have a raptor named Geraldo. I'm attached to the hip with him and could never get rid of him either. I have the last talent in BM now so could upgrade to a devilsaur, I'm just not into it. Ive used Geraldo to solo as my main pet from level 30 to now, which is 78. I had a cat named after my son for my first pet and I loved the cat but he broke somehow. The issue wouldn't go away so I had to finally get rid of him. It's hard deciding which pets to keep in the stables as they are filled up and there's something I usually like about all of them. Tried a chimaera but it wasn't for me, so THAT one was easy to get rid of.