Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Huntard is clearly a syntax construct of Wow. And as such game-slang, it carries the label "it's just a game". Perhaps it's that reason, that calling a hunter a "huntard" is accepted. I however read it directly as "retard (who of course is a hunter)".

I find the word, "Huntard" offensive. Calling someone a "retard" is pretty extreme in my book. And as the gamer populations matures, that seems to be a more common feeling.

So why is "huntard" accepted? Am I thin-skinned?

(And no, for the record, I don't have any family or friends with any cognitive deficits.)


  1. I must be thin-skinned also. I have always hated this term. =(

  2. yeah. me too. totally agree. retards need to go.

  3. fuck huntards i had 2 in a raid on 25naxx and they were doing 900dps! now how in the hell can you suck that bad at such an easy ass game?

  4. I think you mean "thin-skinned" as "thick-skinned" would imply that it did not bother you. @Anonymous: That has nothing to do with the game and everything to do with the specific person. I'm not good at this game, I admit it, but even me on my lv74 hunter, I can do thousands of dps.