Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Turtle Pet Tank

Flipping to my BM pet tank talent is now a joy. Why? Because I'll summon Flash too. Flash is a rockstar. He's also a turtle. According to a recent analysis -- and re-analyzed by ihlos -- Turtles make up 0.80% of hunter pets. Yes, less than 1%! They are the least owned pet family. Flash doesn't do much damage at all, but boy can he take some damage. Having a real honest pet tanking gear set is also really nice. I'm glad I spent the time doing it. I also can flip in the T5 gear over top of it if I'm solo'ng large things or without any sort of healing. Oh! And Flash can make solo'ng large things fun. My gear lets me push a lot of healing to Flash. Add in Mend Pet and I'm hitting overheals. He can take the groups of 7 or 8 level 80 undead mobs in Icecrown easily. And he's got lotsa knobs and switches. Bestial Wrath. Intimidation. Last Stand. Shell Shield. Oh! Shell Shield is so much nicer than the croc's Snapback ability.

I'm still doing Crusader dailies for the tokens. I still "/General LFG Threat and Citadel". But I really only want the company for the Citadel quest.

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