Monday, July 13, 2009

The Gun Rack

In real life, I don't have a gun rack. I grew up in an somewhat urban setting and only shot .30 caliber rifles a few times. In Warcraft, it's a different story. I had wished for a while that I could open up my bank vault and show off my gun rack. It had been impressive. As you can see, to the left, it's now a shadow of what it once was.

Let's jump right back in time. My first prized gun was amazing. It made my first epic gun, the Dwarven Hand Cannon look sad. I never really used that epic gun. This is because my first gun was exquisitely crafted; expensive and beautiful back at the time. It was the Flawless Arcanite Rifle. I am a Dwarf, so I was obsessed with guns. Back in the day, Dwarves had a plus to their guns skill instead of a +1% crit. Plus to gun skill was better and more meaninful. And this sweet rifle had a +4 to Gun Skill. Boosting your skill in ways that didn't otherwise nerf you was a killer way to increase your damage output. They changed its stats since the level 60 days. But of course that rifle just looked cool. And as a bonus, I have the Molten Core scope on it. It was better than the Core Marksman Rifle back in the day. I used that puppy so much. It also cost me a ridiculous amount to have crafted. I no longer have it in my gun rack. I was sickened when they removed the Gun Skill benefit on it.

My second beloved gun was the wonderful Dragonbreath Hand Cannon. It had it's pluses and minuses, but overall it was just a thing of beauty. They've tried quite hard to make things neater than it. In my mind, they've failed. How friggin' cool is it to take a dragon head, make it into a gun, and get it to fire fireballs?

Next up on the cool kid list, was my Kara Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle. It took me a long while to get it. If you don't recall, it dropped from the BBW ("Big Bad Wolf") as one of three possible Opera events with a roughly 25% drop rate. So, that's around an 8% drop rate. I cherished it. I used it for a long while. Interestingly enough, just a week after it dropped for me, I got an epic random world drop. It was the first epic random world drop that was usable by me. And it would have been very useful if I hadn't just gotten the sniper rifle. It was Don Santos' Famous Hunting Rifle. And it found someone else to love it, via the Auction House.

I believe I then started using Tuskbreaker, but it's really hard to recall the progression. Tuskbreaker was neat looking. I do use crossbows and bows. I just don't prefer them. It's also hard to remember, because the stats or possibly the importance of stats changes over time. And I think it was quickly replaced. It wasn't replaced by the Wrathfire Hand-Cannon. I never really tried to get it to drop. (God, I hated Shadow Labs.) But it dropped when I was running someone through. Neat looking, but I let the tank take it.

Then came the climb to 80. Along the way were a few blue quest reward guns. Fury of the Raging Dragon and Hemet's Trophy Gun. Sadly, they were the same model.

Once at 80 I got a slew of Prison Warden's Shotguns. I was overly-hopeful that we'd get a dual ranged wield. Not exactly the nicest looking model around, but anything with Shotgun in it has got to be something that stays in the gun rack.

Next up, was my Nerubian Conquerer. I got it the second or third time we took down KT in 10man. It's still pretty trusty and what I'm currently pointing at the bad guys. I swap it in and out for the Rifle of the Platinum Guard depending on what kind of +hit I need or don't need.

So what's missing. Well first off let me say what is not missing. The Nesingwary 4000 is not missing. I never needed to go that route. It's like a Gnomish manufacture, through and through. I wouldn't trust it. The same goes for the Consortium Blaster.

The Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan is also emphatically not missing from the Gun Rack. Yes, I could have it for a few Champion Seals, but umm. No. I'm a Dwarf with a gun rack. I'm not an ugly museum piece collector or a wanna-be King.

Okay. So here's what is really missing. I need and am now actively pursuing a Giant's Bane. Two guild hunters have them to date. Two still could use them. I never got a Envoy of Mortality. It's a cryin' shame, but not surprising given our earlier Naxx raid schedule. Oh, and I never got a Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer. But of course the Gun Rack would quite willingly accept a Magnetized Projectile Emitter donation.

What's in your gun rack? What has eluded your acquisition?




  2. I guess I should make a video of me firing it for you then. :-P

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