Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ways to Drop Hit

So Tuesday, our guild got together for a 25man. It had been a long while. We had taken Kologarn down around two months ago in 25man, but then we had a couple people abandon the guild and a few others summer-afk. And Kologarn had been a six or seven wipe event.

Well this time, we came in and got FL with one tower up. It took three tries as we had some new people and people just weren't used to the extra damage he does in the first hardmode. Then we went and one-shotted XT-002, Razor, Ignus, and Kologarn. It wasn't completely surprising. Most all of us have done these things in 10mans. But it was nice to actually see it happen.

So, I'm over the hit rating by 78 points thanks to Twisted Visage. The thing is a monster. All my other stats went up. A lot. +hit is pretty typical of the Ulduar upgrades. So I need to smartly trade some. I have a crazy amount of gear to choose from. However, I'm lacking in the ring area. I'm also not so amazing in the trinket area. I have a bunch of the Wintergrasp trinkets. I may actually try them out. The problem is that my big +95 hit trinket is the Pyrite Infuser, which has a wonderful proc. Checking Shandra's spreadsheet (previously known as Cheeky's Spreadsheet) I see I'm really really lacking good rings and trinkets:

I've long sought out the Furies trinket. I've never won the drop. That would be an ideal replacement and would be all money -- bumping down my +hit. Sadly, I never got the other two Naxx-25 drops either. There is always a HUGE amount of competition rings and trinkets that are good for hunters. It's no wonder with so many classes needing the same things. I could QQ more here but I don't think planning to get an Ulduar ring or trinket upgrade is likely. So that's not a way out of my mess.

My current ranged weapon has +24 hit rating. When I put the spreadsheet into not caring about hit I get the following:

Now as far as upgrades go the real meat is in the top 5. This is because only the iLevel 226 ranged weapons and above got adjusted to help hunter dps scale better with better gear. However, I do happen to have the Naxx-10 gun. It doesn't have any +hit and is only slightly inferior in raw dps. So with the stat balancing it comes out 20.75 dps more. And it sheds me of 24 embarrassing +hit.

So that leaves me 54 hit rating over the cap. Well it turns out that I have options in the belt area. While under the hit cap my Torn Web Wrap was a touch superior to the Ulduar-10 drop, the Belt of the Blood Pit. The former has 29 +hit and the latter has none. Not as nice as the leather-working Belt of Dragons of course, but I already have it and the mats are a bit beyond our guild right now.

So that gets me down to 25 over the hit cap. /sigh. I'm still looking at needing a ring upgrade or a trinket upgrade. If I get a ring upgrade I can trade in some more +hit. If I get a trinket upgrade I can trade in my pyrite infuser. Unfortunately I just spent over 1,000 gold on enchanting the Twisted Visage, so just going out and buying greatness isn't in the cards. And honestly looking at the other trinkets I either use in PvP (disks and titan rune) or farming (oracles), they don't really seem to pan out. Although, the titan run could be useful to break out of PvE fears and stuns.

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